1.5 million Yen The hen hen quot; ready quot; Welcome Tet

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Nearly three months to the Lunar New Year in 2017, in order to meet people's consumption needs during Tet, past owners and farmers in Yen The district (Bac Giang) Care, protection and development of chicken hills brand to supply to the market.

Improve the quality from the process of raising VietGAP
On the large plot of land of Do Thi Hao village, in Hong Lac village (Dong Tam commune), there are 2,500 Ri Lai breeds, of which 1,000 are large enough for sale and 1,500 are being raised. Tet market. The breeding area of ​​the family is cleaned, the feeding system for chickens and drinking water is arranged scientifically.
With the experience of raising chickens for many years, Hao shared: "To have healthy chickens, beautiful code to serve Tet market, my family always pay attention to the steps of the process of raising VietGAP, Chicken vaccine When preparing to sell, the chicken will eat corn instead of rice to increase the quality of broilers. In particular, this year, I use Biowish Bioproducts - a safe preparation for breeding, initial results show that the chicken is healthy, less vaccine and still grow well. "
Also in Hong Lac village, Nguyen Van Dung's chicken raising model has more than 800 Ri Lai chickens over 1 month old are growing healthy. Mr. Dung said excitedly: "With this momentum, about 3 months my chickens will be big enough to just supply the market for Tet."
According to Ngo Van Long - veterinarian of Dong Tam Commune, the whole commune has 150 households raising chickens according to commodity scale, applying the process of raising livestock towards VietGAP from 2013 to present. In order to ensure the safety of the poultry population, especially chickens for the Lunar New Year market in 2017, communal staffs will focus on propaganda to help people prevent diseases and not use food. Ban on breeding to have a healthy, safe chicken, affirms the brand "Yen The hill" by quality.
Expand market consumption
According to the Agriculture and Rural Development Division of Yen The district, the total number of poultry in the district is about 4.3 million, of which the chickens are over 4 million. On the occasion of Lunar New Year in 2017, it is expected to supply 1.5-1.6 million high quality chickens to the market, mainly Ri Lai and Lai Lai from 4-5 months, of which Ri Lai accounts for 35-40%.
Mr. Luong Van Hien, Vice Director of Yen The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said: "To improve the quality of commercial chickens to meet the consumer market, the district directs functional branches to guide farms and households increase. Strengthening the implementation of biosecurity and livestock production process towards VietGAP. At the same time, to shift the chicken breeding structure in the area in the direction of raising the proportion of Ri Lai chicken to meet the market requirements.
Along with that, Yen The district direct the professional agencies, the People's Committee of the communes to implement good measures to prevent Newcastle disease, disease ... Sterile disinfectant Good inspection of the slaughter and transportation of cattle and poultry to minimize the damage caused by the disease.
In addition, propagate and guide the breeders to strictly follow the process of caring for, nurturing and improving the quality of broiler chickens, lowering the cost of products combined with disease prevention and environmental sanitation. Like the development of training scale each batch, each batch helps poultry grow and develop well to meet the requirements of the market.
In order to expand Tet market this year, the district has worked more closely with the authorities and the mass media to promote the brand name "Yen The hill", especially in the Hanoi market. Consumers know more. Maintaining the market for chicken hops in fresh form (chicken hatching) for traditional markets such as Bac Giang, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hung Yen, Hai Duong and some other industrial parks. Northern province.
With the formation and development of the "Yen The hen's" brand, Yen A households have changed their perception in raising livestock, focusing on improving quality and efficiency, contributing to the improvement of the economic life, Create jobs for rural workers.

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