Breeding breeds through restructuring

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" Although, there are many disadvantages in terms of weather, markets and management of domestic animals. But by this time, the livestock sector has overcome all difficulties, reaching a growth rate of 5.4% over last year. This is the efforts of the enterprises in the livestock and animal feed sector, together with the drastic direction from other localities, the farm animal husbandry has also grown steadily. This is the opinion of Mr. Hoang Thanh Van, Director of Livestock Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) for livestock sector in 2016.

Many bright spots
Mr. Hoang Thanh Van said that the bright point of the livestock sector in 2016 is the positive changes in market awareness of farmers. Previously, farmers rushed to invest in farms without paying attention to the market, leaving behind the traders, this year, most farmers have actively grasped the market demand to change. production methods. This is a very flexible solution, making domestic animal products are always diverse and plentiful. In addition, initially there appeared many forms of organization of production linkages between enterprises, farmers and cooperatives.

Notably, in 2016 most of the new technological advances have been applied to the livestock sector. Especially the local production of live fresh embryos has been produced in Vietnam; At the same time, actively import the most modern machinery and equipment in the world to produce semen in the water. In addition, advanced breeding techniques as well as management by information technology has been applied by businesses, farms are very popular. Many enterprises have imported advanced equipment in the world, thus creating low-cost animal products to ensure food hygiene and safety.

Director of Livestock Department said that the most important factor affecting livestock sector in 2016 is to restructure the industry. Accordingly, the three main contents effectively implemented are the synchronization of seed production; It has improved many varieties of good quality at home and abroad. Especially pigs, so far the total number of pigs, horsemen, grandfather, grandmother she imported into Vietnam increased about 2.5 times compared with 2015. In addition, the number of pigs produced in the country about 60 million; Of which 80% of pigs are technical improvements.

In addition, the livestock sector has recorded a sharp increase in pork exports, which is about 40% higher than in 2015 and can reach 100,000 tonnes in 2016.

For poultry, the last year also grew very strong, mainly feathered poultry. This is one of the very new developments. Just like every year, when the white chickens are showing signs of decline, the chickens develop color. This year, chickens continue to grow by 18%, bringing the total number of chickens to around 67%. Thus, the new trend of poultry industry in the country has shown signs of good change.

Meanwhile, the number of imported cattle in 2016 has decreased significantly, the main reason is that the country has actively produced the seed. Hence, the proportion of high-yielding dairy cows developed very well. Paralleling is the management of seeds in farm households.

According to Doan Xuan Truc, vice chairman of the Vietnam Livestock Association, the livestock sector has had many advantages over the past year, the better livestock product market in 2016, the price of feed ingredients in the world has decreased. Notably, the livestock sector has started to change. Especially, large enterprises invest in animal breeding to make a breakthrough in certain commodities at certain times.

Concentrate the organization of chain link production
Mr. Hoang Thanh Van said that in 2017, the livestock sector will continue to face many difficulties and disadvantages. Therefore, from the end of 2016, the sector has been oriented to direct all livestock production units and localities to make efforts at the beginning of 2017. The main objective is to continue to maintain and develop To stabilize the sector, sticking to the orientation of the sector restructuring plan.

In particular, focus is on organizing production, traceability and chain link production. This is the most important content of 2017, which will do the job. The quantity of products, especially food hygiene and safety, will be increased by farmers, and consumers will have access to products of clear origin. " Mr. Van stressed.

In fact, by the end of 2016, localities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Ninh and Bac Giang have begun launching a traceability program for livestock products and are highly welcomed and respected by consumers. mother. Typically, in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City has implemented the Project Management, identification and traceability of pork origin and announced 349 selling points in the area. Accordingly, from now on consumers in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City can buy pork products and trace source in modern distribution systems including Saigon Co.op, Satra, Vissan, Cocomart, Auchan, Aeon - Citimart, Queenland ...

Or, Hung Nhon General Trading and Service Co., Ltd (Binh Phuoc) and De Heus Co., Ltd (Binh Duong) signed a cooperation with the construction and development of the project "Food Valley Security All "in Binh Phuoc and Dong Nai. This project is designed to provide the local market and export of clean, safe and traceable food in the form of closed production from breeding to finished products.

According to Hoang Thanh Van, in order to boost production in the chain, the number one solution is to strengthen management in the livestock sector; This will focus on improving the quality of seeds in the whole country. Continue to review and control the use of prohibited substances in livestock. In particular, apply the highest legal measures for violations of the use of prohibited substances in livestock.

In addition, 2017 is the year to support the business, so the Department of Livestock Development will find the best solution to support the livestock business development. Accordingly, for feed manufacturers will be applied all information systems to minimize the time and cost of the enterprise. The rest of the seed production and production enterprises supporting livestock will have preferential mechanisms; Especially hi-tech breeding businesses.

According to Doan Xuan Truc, pork is Vietnam's strength and exported to many Eastern European countries. Currently, Vietnam ranks 6th in the world in pork production. In addition, Vietnam has a relatively good market, most recently China. The country currently lacks 2.5 to 3 million tonnes of pork per year.

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has assigned specialized agencies of the sector to negotiate and sign with some countries in the region (especially China) to make veterinary agreements. . On that basis, promote the export of some key livestock products, first of all pork and milk. The Department of Animal Husbandry is also cooperating with the Department of Animal Health to sign veterinary agreements with a number of countries to soon open the export market for animal products.

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