Breeding chickens to return profits of hundreds of millions of dollars each year

: Tuesday - 11/10/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1150
Chickens cross breed chickens have good quality meat, high economic value. Thanks to the development of breeding chicken, with the scale of over 5,000 commercial chickens, each year, Nguyen Thi Hoa's family in village 3 of Bao Thanh, Yen Thanh, Nghe An have high income (more than 200 million VND / year).

Previously, Hoa and her husband worked as hired laborers at the chicken farm of relatives in Binh Duong. After some time, accumulated some capital, experience, husband and wife back to the countryside to develop livestock. Initially, not much money she bought 200 breeding chickens hybrid breeding. Thanks to the breeding techniques, her family's chicken grows well and gains weight quickly, bringing about considerable income.
Her family has invested in building more stable barns, on an area of ​​nearly 1 acre garden, to increase herd. Ms. Phong said: Select the breed of birds must pay attention to choose healthy baby, agility, smooth coat, need vaccination vaccination when the chicken is young and regular hygiene animal lodging. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the chicken is eaten at each stage of development, focusing on the source of drinking water and keeping the body warm.
Ms. Hoa also use rice husk padding to both limit the disease to the chicken and to ensure environmental hygiene; Buy glasses to wear for chickens, limit chicken crossed each other, reduce losses in livestock. Thanks to the care and disease prevention techniques for chickens, her family's chicken grows well and brings high economic efficiency.
Over 4 years of developing cross-breeding chicken breeding in the form of pillow, on average a year she raised about 5,000 children, selling from 4-5 to 5 litters of commercial chicken. Broiled chickens are cared for by the process of "clean", the food is mainly corn bran, rice, banana ... so tasty chicken, delicious, the market is favored. With the price of fighting chicken about 80,000 VND / kg, each year her family earns over 120 million per year.
The hybrid chicken breeding model of the Nguyen Thi Hoa family is one of the most efficient economic models in the locality. Mr. Nguyen Minh Thanh - Chairman of Farmer Association of Bao Thanh Commune said: We are deploying for other households to study and replicate the model of crossbred chickens in the area, contributing to increase income for her children.

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