Breeding super egg, earning 2 million dollars a day

: Tuesday - 29/11/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1251
Mr. Nguyen Van Lieu (52 years old, in Hoa Tho Tay ward, Cam Le district) has succeeded with the model of raising eggs, earning 2 million VND per day.

Mr. Tu said that the model of raising super eggs was brought from Dai Loc (Quang Nam) to Danang farming. In 2000, after learning and learning the model online, he ordered breeding stock in Binh Duong breeding.
Taking advantage of the garden land in the house, with 50 million dong of initial capital, Mr Lieu began farming the first 500 chickens. After 6 months, he collected 400 eggs a day, earning 100,000 VND per day. Seeing that he is productive, he continues to invest in farming more, hiring more land to grow chickens.
In 2010, he began to introduce models of raising eggs from Quang Nam to Da Nang. Up to now there are up to 5,000 chickens, each day for 4 200 eggs. With the selling price of 32,000 VND / kg, except for the cost of 2 million VND per day.
Question on the secret to effective chicken, he said, super-chicken eggs from breeding to 6 months as the chicken began to lay eggs, with interest. Breeding cycle of super egg for 18 months. It takes 18 months, 2 months off to clean the breeding facilities, clean the chicken coop to prevent infection, then raise new litter.
"It is important not to skip a vaccination schedule from broiler chickens until the chicken starts to lay eggs. At the same time in the process of raising the need to clean and clean chicken manure daily to prevent the disease. If 2-3 days of chicken manure is easy to generate bacteria, the virus causes chicken disease, "he adds.

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