Chicken Eastern Algae "super terrorist" Expensive for Tet holidays

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Many Dau Dau people flock to each other hunting for Eastern Tao chicken, which has "super" legs at prices 10 times higher than ordinary chicken. However, not everyone who has money can afford it.

This is a rare species of chicken, people used to used to go to the king or large summer festival. Chicken Dong Tao can be valued up to several tens of million per child.
"The market of Dong Tao chicken is more active than last year," said Le Van Huong, 49, owner of Dong Tao chicken farm in Xuan Thoi Thuong commune, Hoc Mon district, HCM City.
"VIP" gift for Tet festival
Recognizing that the chicken market in Dong Tao is "fertile", in 2015, Le Van Huong owner of the famous Dong Tao chicken farm in Khoai Chau, Hung Yen with more than 8 years of experience, with his family. Bring the purebred Eastern Duck breed from north to south to further build your career and satisfy your passion for breeding.
With a 1000m2 farm, Huong now owns 200 Dong Tao chicken breeds. This year, Dong Tao chicken at his farm has been booked up before Tet, only chickens to breed for next year.
Eastern chicken meat as Tet gifts meat weighing 4kg or more with the price ranging from 2-4 million depending on the child. "The chicken leg scales, meat clusters, thick base for breeding can sell 5-7 million VND a child," - Huong said.
According to Huong, there is no specific price list for Dong Tao chicken, as it depends on many factors such as weight, color and appearance. The scales, toes and toes must also be big, the color must be harmonious and uniform, the breast must be flat, has a beautiful.
In Tay Ninh, Nguyen Tan Dep (nearly 70 years old, also known as Seven Dep) has 3 chicken farms in An Hoa commune, Trang Bang town. He received more than 50 orders to buy Dong Tao chicken for Tet holiday. The Seven Deer chicken farm sells mainly Dong Tao chicken from 5-6 months, with commercial price of 300,000 VND / kg or more.
"There are many distant customers, in the provinces also come to my farm to buy chicken, but large numbers are still customers from Ho Chi Minh City to buy relatively nice chickens as gifts to bosses, important relatives, objects Customers from the middle class upward, "said Mr. Dep.

Bring rich fortune
Chicken Eastern Algae originated from Dong Tao, Khoai Chau, Hung Yen, although it has not been popular for a long time. Over the past few years, Dong Tao chicken has been bred purebred on many farms in the South, the market became more vibrant and well known.
Chicken Eastern Algae is special in that, as long as the meat is tastier and still very soft, in terms of deliciousness of the chicken from the table, just enjoy once "remember the whole life".
Young is very young, but Chu Thuong Tin (28 years old) has 7 years experience raising Dong Tao chicken. At present, he owns two farms in Dong Tao chicken farm in District 9 (HCMC) and farms in Quang Ngai with a total of more than 1,500 chickens.
He said, the Tet holiday guests choose to buy chicken Dong Tao as a gift, some customers ordered to buy all year.
Trading in East Tao chicken has brought about high economic efficiency. Ho Chi Minh City has favorable weather conditions for breeding Dong Tao, the consumption market is very wide.
"Income depends on the needs of customers each month, if the average income per month is about 30-40 million, especially in the Tet holiday income over 200 million (excluding costs)" - England Thuong Tin revealed.
In terms of price, this year Tin's farm still holds steady prices like every year, Dong Tao chicken meat for the price of 250-500 thousand / kg, in addition to the special with "super" legs, the price Will calculate by child. His customers are mainly "vip" customers and guests are familiar, attached to the perennial farm.
In the Tien Vua chicken group, Dong Tao chicken is the most popular and popular chicken because it is boldly valued in the traditional culture of the nation and is one of the rare specialties used by the King of God. Chicken Deer is considered by many to be lucky birds, they bring wealth, fortune, rich, precious for homeowners, "- Thuong Tin said.
Le Huu Ha (34 years old, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap province) said that about a month ago he had bought more than 30 Dong Tao chickens nearly 2 months old with the tens of millions to raise.
According to him, for those who love and understand the value of Dong Tao chicken, the price is not a problem, but for people who only need to eat meat, few people give up big money to buy chicken. present.

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