Collected interest of hundreds of millions of pig piglets

: Tuesday - 13/09/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1260
Owing to the sharpness of economic development and the application of science and technology to production, Truong Van Dung, in Nghia Minh Village, Nghia Dan District, Nghe An Province, Income from 150-200 million per year.

Previously, Mr. Truong Van Dung's family was one of the poor households in the commune. The land is small, lack of capital to work forever, his family still does not find the appropriate direction of economic development. After adopting the policy of transforming plants and animals, localities created favorable conditions for loans, training in technology transfer, Mr. Dung changed his ways.
At the beginning of 2014, he bravely invested in pig production and applied pig tail truncheons from a young age. "When pigs are 1 or 2 days old, pigs are tail-tilted, avoiding biting, causing open wounds, leading to a number of diseases such as necrotizing fasciitis, staphylococcus and streptococcal infections." As a result, pigs grow healthy, gaining weight rapidly. "
At first the family raised about 70 children. He buys his own breeding stock so the cost is high, this is the new model so the market "cocoon", hard to sell so the economic efficiency is not high.
But he was not discouraged but determined to explore, learning to switch to improved breeding methods. He built cages in a closed process, in which, separate cages; For sows and piglets, the rest is raised by pigs.
In each cage of 30m2, he raised about 20 meat pigs, are invested bath, automatic feeding systems and semi-automatic; To limit the time spent on labor and labor.
In addition to the application of closed production process, thanks to application of amputation method, pigs grow healthy, less disease. In addition, when the tail is cut, pigs also gain weight faster. Pigs are raised by new methods, less disease, so traders in the neighboring districts such as Thai Hoa, Vinh City ... to buy in.
Recognizing the economic efficiency of this model of breeding, Mr. Dung has expanded the cage, increased herd. Currently, each year he sells 3 litters of pigs, 150 litters each. His family also breeding breeding pigs, each year nearly 100 children for some households in the commune and adjacent communes. With this new way of doing business, his family earns about 150-200 million dong a year.
At present, many farmers in Nghia Minh commune have learned and developed the pig finishing model. Mr. Pham Van Hung, Vice Chairman of Nghia Minh Commune People's Committee said: Pig raising model in the direction of improvement of Mr. Dung's family brings high economic efficiency, after deducting all expenses for interest from 500 to 600 Thousand dong / head (after 3 months); Profit increased by 200 thousand compared to traditional pig raising. In the coming time, the commune will deploy to the farmers in the commune to study the husbandry model of Mr. Dung's family and then multiply it in order to raise the efficiency of local breeding.

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