Creates promising crossbred beef for Binh Dinh.

: Monday - 12/09/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1239
After 21 months of breeding, crossbred F1 crossed over 400kg / head, highly adaptable, less disease. This is a new breed of fattening cattle for Binh Dinh.
Recently, Binh Dinh Provincial Science Council checked the breeding area for 8 F1 hybrid cows kept at the Big Cattle Farm and Long My Cattle (Long My Farm) at Binh Dinh Livestock Center. The fact is that the appearance of the cross is quite beautiful, dark yellow feathers or wing cockroaches; Short face, round head, buttocks; Navel, navel; U, small shoulder; The neck and ears are moderately long; Legs slightly low. Experts say that in these cows, weights range from over 400-500 kg / head. Investigation to evaluate the meat yield of a F1 hybrid, slightly smaller than others, results in body weight of over 400 kg, carcass weight of 59.5% (240kg) Fine meat 44% (170kg). Other indicators such as fat, viscera, bone ... are also weighed in detail, to have accurate assessment, science. All four F1 cross-bred 21-month-old crossbreeds were examined. Two experimental areas were set up: one for F1 (Red Angus hybrid with Brahman hybrid) and one for F1 (Drought Master hybrid with Brahman). Each of the 14 breeding farms was located in Tuy Phuoc District, An Nhon Town and Long My Farm. Except for Long My camps, there are captive breeding, while captive breeding is combined with grazing. After 21 months of culture, Long My farm gained the highest weight, from 412 to 417 kg / head. In the population from 323 to 355 kg / child. On average, the two experimental farms for the two hybrid formula, after 21 months of raising an average of 354 - 363 kg / child. Calculated weight gain in the period of 19-21 months, both hybrid formula reached from 541 to 640 gr / head / day. This result is initially assessed as satisfactory to the target.

Study on Growth and Meat Production of F1 Crossbreds between Drought Master, Red Angus, Brahman Brahman. Nguyen Xuan Tan, Binh Dinh Center for Breeds and Animals in the period from 7/2013 - 7/2016 According to the report of the subject, from 2 species of red beef, Red Angus meat and Drought Master to coordinate with. 200 Brahman hybrid cows (with 75% or more Brahman blood and weighing 250 kg / head or more) are farmed in households in Tuy Phuoc district and An Nhon town. The result was 149 conception animals, reaching 74.5% conception rate. F1 (Red Angus X Brahman) is red, yellowish-red. The F1 (Drought Master X Brahman) has a dark yellow feather or cockroach color. Both hybrids have good looks, healthy appearance; Head, neck, legs slightly low ... Weight of newborn calves reach 26.8 - 27.1 kg / head. F1 crosses of two 3-month-old seedlings were cultured in two different forms: captive farming in Long My Farm and captive breeding combined with grazing in the farm. Monitor weight gain at different times: 3; 6; 9; twelfth; 15; 18 and 21 months. From 7 to 12 months of age, 20kg of green grass per capita per day, plus 1.5kg of concentrate per capita per day for captive breeding at Long My camp, and in the order of 8 to 10kg Raw green and 0.8 to 1.0kg concentrate. After 12 months weights 215 - 217 kg / head; After 21 months averaged 354 - 363 kg / head. Particularly at Long My farm reached 413 - 417 kg / head (in fact mid-August 2016, according to experts, with children reach nearly 500kg). All 28 experimental animals live well. According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tan, head of the project: In general, F1 hybrid cattle after 21 months of age are healthy and less disease. The prevalence of Fascioliasis (60.7%), rumen (64.3%), and grazing of lowland rice paddies in Phuoc Quang, Phuoc Hoa (Tuy Phuoc), Nhon My, Nhon Hau (An Nhon town) Should be infected with helminth larvae. However, after periodic worm deworming, the calf is negative for worms, liver flukes.

According to those who carry out the study, 2 F1 hybrid cows adapted to natural conditions, local food sources; Good growth and development prospects in Binh Dinh Province. The subject is finishing technical process farming to transfer to people.
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