Dong Thap - Breeding biological safety ducks

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Duck industry is one of the five key sectors implementing the project of restructuring the agricultural sector of Dong Thap province. Tam Nong district implemented the model of raising ducks for biosecurity and initially Bring good effect.

The agricultural sector has brought farmers to visit, learn from experience in and outside Dong Thap province, organize technical transfer training courses, partly support the cost of building breeding facilities, buying breeding animals and vaccines. Disease prevention of poultry, H5N1. Many farmers in Phu Tho and Phu Cuong communes and Tram Chim town have boldly invested capital and built a cage to implement the model of duck biosecurity.
The Hai Duong duck group has 2 members, building 2 cages with nearly 10,000 ducks for biosecurity. Of which, Mr. Truong Van Tu's household designed a 5,000m2 breeding area enclosed by B40 net including 3,000m2 pond and 2,000m2 floor for raising 3,000 ducklings.
The household Tran Van Xe built a cage on an area of ​​4,700m2 wrapped around with a hat net including 2,500m2 ponds and 2,200m2 flooring, feeding 3,000 ducklings. In the cage is the owner design litter material and roof cover for the duck where the birth.
Mr. Truong Van Tu said: The model of safe duck breeding is more convenient than raising ducks. Farmers who do not depend on the crop, do not have to go far from home, take initiative and control the disease in poultry, avoid losses, reduce labor, protect the environment, protect human health and ensure To ensure food safety, to limit the risk of disputes in the purchase and sale of rice, water in the rice field and save the food in the breeding, the rate of laying ducks over 80%, the rate of clean eggs Increase, high selling price, increase profit.
Food sources for ducks are mainly pelleted feed supplied by the Vietnamese-French company, which has a stable price of VND200 / kg less than the market price. At first, he fed a small flock of ducklings to eat less and increased the amount of food that followed the growth of the duck. Everyday, he regularly cleans the stables, sprays disinfectant Bencoxide, replaces pond water twice a week and vaccines to prevent diarrhea timely in accordance with technical procedures to help duck weight gain fast, Limiting disease outbreaks, full diary recording ...

After 6 months of farming, ducks begin to lay eggs. Thanks to good care and proper technical procedures, the duckling rate was over 80%, the average weight was 71.5 grams / egg and the quality of duck eggs was 91.42% Weight is only 61.33% / egg and clean duck eggs rate is only 90.47%).
The biosecurity duck population of Hai Duong Commune is growing well and the spawning rate is rising, selling price is from VND 2,100 - 2,900 / egg.
THT Hai Duong duck contract has also signed an agreement to sell eggs with the production and trading of poultry eggs in Ho Chi Minh City at a price higher than the market at 200 VND / egg.
Accordingly, 3 days from the establishment to collect all the eggs of ducks THT. From August 2016 to now, Hai Duong duck farming has sold about 250,000 duck eggs clean, collecting interest over 43 million.
In addition, farmers also have a profit of nearly 10 million by reducing the cost of food for the flock. At present, the biosecurity duck flock of Hai Duong duck farming is growing well and the spawning rate is high, the selling price for the company ranges from VND2,100 - 2,900 / egg, farmers are very excited.
Mr. Phan Duc Tai, technical staff of Tam Nong district animal health station said: The whole district now has 9 households implementing the model of raising ducks safely birth, initially achieved positive results and high income sources. - Create jobs for local idle labor.
This is a unique model that is being researched and promoted by the district to help people change the way of raising traditional duck breeds, quickly get out of poverty and step by step - rich, contributing to boosting the local economy. Develop and successfully implement the project of agricultural restructuring in Dong Thap province.
In time, Dong Thap will organize large-scale duck raising and sustainable development. Accordingly, building a model of raising duck eggs orientation and biotech meat safety, group production, THT attached investment in production and consumption.

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