Effective with integrated livestock model

: Thursday - 09/02/2017 10:20  |  Viewed: 1304
That is Tong Thanh Vu, in Tan Trung commune, TX. Go Cong, Tien Giang Province. Over the past three years, he has accumulated a lot of experience in duck farming.

At present, with more than 500 ducks lay each day for nearly 400 eggs, with the price of more than 50,000 VND / dozen, after deducting the cost he collected more than 300,000 VND. Mr Vu said: "Duck is easy to care for, when the cage should choose where to water to swim duck, not lack of water will diarrhea wrong egg, big eggs."
Mr. Vu is also selected by the Farmers Association to pilot 250 ducks. Well-groomed, the seaboard grows fast. Currently, the duck farming model is gradually adapting to the current climate change, duck culture in the water environment with the permissible salinity, duckling healthy, fast growing. Therefore, Vu, like many other households, intends to choose a model for raising ducks for future development. "The duck is raised in salty water, the duck is healthy, it is less prone to loss, it takes about 3 months to sell duck meat, profit is not inferior to other animals," he said.
Besides, Vu also raised goats to develop family economics. Mr. Vu said, easy to raise goats, less disease, not take much care, stable output, high profit. Mr. Vu shared: "Average price of goat meat in recent years is not less than 90,000 VND / kg, bringing very high economic profit. Each goat breeds 1 to 4 pups per litter; after 3 months of age, the goats produce more than VND1 million per head. Every year, goat raising helps families bring a small income.
In addition, he also dedicates 2,500 m2 pond surface for white shrimp farming. Thanks to the knowledge and experience in shrimp farming, each Vu case has high economic profit.
With his striving, Mr. Tong Thanh Vu has built a spacious, stable economy. For many years, he was voted as good production farmer.

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