Efficiency from intensive pig production in Hai Le

: Wednesday - 21/09/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1337
Under the conditions of the land fund is not very large but has the advantage of rich food sources, in recent years, women in Hai Le commune, Quang Tri town has invested in raising pigs and chickens under Intensive farming with large scale. With her husbandry experience, Vo Thi Nhung has a high and stable source of income from pigs at home.

Nhung's family has been raising pigs for many years. Previously, Nhung raised a few pigs a year, raising a few litters a year, so the effect was not high, the income was low and life was difficult. In recent years, thanks to the training in breeding knowledge and technical application in intensive pig raising, she has accumulated experience and with loans and equity, she has invested in the development of blanket models. Large-scale pig raising. Each litter is fed from 100 to 130 meat pigs, and each year she feeds 4 litters. With the exception of expenses, Nhung earns 150-180 million dong a year. In her breeding, Nhung calculates carefully how to invest effectively and strictly control the selection of breeding animals to care, animal feed, disease control, and breeding facilities. Therefore, Nhung's farm rarely occurs disease, clean environment, clean breed pigs, fast pigs, average 3 months pigs weight of about 60 kg / child. She uses the byproducts of cultivation and food processing to produce pig feed such as cassava flour, rice bran, vitamin mix and a little bit of green leafy vegetables. Each stage of pig development. These are easy to find, easy to process and cheap, short time to reduce input costs, high profit. When needed to supplement industrial food, she carefully checked the non-prohibited foods to ensure product safety when selling. Thanks to calculation in business, in recent years, she has a good source of income from livestock, family life is significantly improved.
Animal husbandry has made important breakthroughs in the family economic life of women members in Hai Le commune. Recognizing the benefits, the Commune Women's Union has been actively mobilizing women to develop their domestic economy by raising livestock and poultry, especially pig raising. Mrs Ngo Thi Thuy, Chairwoman of Hai Le Women's Union said that in order to be equipped with knowledge about husbandry to develop family economy, the commune Women's Union actively cooperated with the Vocational Training Center of the town. Quang Tri opened technical training courses on animal husbandry and attracted a large number of women. On average, the Commune Women's Union has organized two to three technical training courses on animal husbandry, with 100-120 women participating. Through the events, the women exchange experience in breeding and cattle and poultry markets. Therefore, the breeding movement among women's members in Hai Le grew rapidly. So far, most of the women in the commune have pigs, of which about 40% are breeding women with 50-150 heads / batch. From this result, the Commune Women's Union will continue to intensify the propaganda so that members can promote family economic development in the form of appropriate animal husbandry in addition to developing other agricultural economic fields. "
The breakthrough in household economic development of women in Hai Le commune has been transformed from extensive pig production to intensive farming, technical breeding, intensive investment, especially in veterinary care. And clean food. Most of the breeding women in Hai Le are self-processing and mixing food so that the pigs have safe food, ensuring adequate nutrients at cheap prices, pigs for good quality meat and fast food. As a result, the efficiency of breeding is high. The development of intensive pig production with high economic efficiency has really changed the lives of women in Hai Le Commune, thus motivating them to take care of the family's economic development and income generation. Is one of the important factors in building new countryside.

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