Environmental protection in animal husbandry: Many farm owners ignore it

: Wednesday - 21/12/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1446
In Bac Giang province, there are hundreds of pig farms that earn huge revenue each year, creating jobs for many workers. However, many farm owners ignore the regulations on environmental protection (Environmental Protection).

Livestock waste from the family of Nguyen Thi Huyen, Ngoi Lan village, Lan Giu commune (Tan Yen)

It is processed through biogas tanks to ensure the standard before being discharged into the environment.

Direct discharge

Farm of Mr. Nguyen Van Quang, Cau Thay village, An Thuong commune (Yen The) raised more than 3,000 commercial pigs and sows / litters. In 2013, the farm goes into operation but has no permit for discharge of wastewater, sedimentation tanks that do not lining the bottom causing environmental pollution in the water of Da Ong Lake, causing people to urge.

Recently, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) has discovered that farms violated a series of regulations on the environment. The biogas tank and embankment of the septic tank are broken 2-3 m, not working. Livestock waste is not treated but discharged directly into the sedimentation tank. Do not monitor the environment and transport hazardous waste according to regulations ... Department of Natural Resources and Environment punished Mr. Quang 40 million, forced repair before 31-12-2016.

In November this year, the inspection agency discovered that two large scale pig farm owners, Mr. Than Van Thanh, Ngoc Chau commune and Mr. Le Van Khiem, Lam Cot commune (Tan Yen) Animal waste treatment system; Not fully equipped with waste water treatment tanks leading to environmental pollution.

Likewise, the family of Nguyen Van Mung, Lien Son village, Tan Dinh commune (Lang Giang province) farmed hundreds of pigs / litter, but only a 10m3 biogas reactor was overloaded so the tailings discharged directly into the drainage ditch. sunken. Ms. Nguyen Thi L, villagers reflected: "Many days, dozens of surrounding households do not know where to go to avoid odors from the farm waste.

Through inspection showed that your farm, she: Ngo Van Ton, Quy Son (Luc Ngan); Pham Thi Tuyet, Dong Tam Commune; Phan Anh Duc, Tan Soi (Yen The); Nguyen Ba Huu, Viet Ngoc commune (Tan Yen) ... also the same situation.

Suspension of activity to deter
According to the DoNRE, this year there are about 10 large scale livestock farms violating the environment, such as: No permit for discharge of wastewater produced; Wastewater in excess of environmental standards; Not fully committed to environmental protection ... Many farms also discharge waste water, drainage, drainage, even village roads. Analytical wastewater samples have many parameters such as: the concentration of biological oxygen and oxygen, sulfur, phosphorus exceed 5-10 times permitted standards.

The cause of increasing number of violations is that the farm owners are only interested in economic benefits, so the investment in waste water treatment is coping. For example, from August this year, biogas tanks, sedimentation tanks at Mr. Nguyen Van Quang's farm, Cau Thay village were landslide, not working. However, in November, after the authorities check, to overcome, he made. In addition, the inspection is not frequent, sanctions are not strong enough so some owners of farms "grease" the law and said that fines are finalized. For example, two farms in An Duong and Lam Cot communes (Tan Yen) have been slow to complete a waste treatment facility for nearly one year.

According to Vu Van Tuong, deputy director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department continues to conduct inspections and inspections as planned and unscheduled for breeding farms, strictly punish and resolutely suspend operations with establishments causing serious pollution. At the same time, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development guided people technical construction of biogas tunnel, apply bioproducts waste treatment.

In parallel with these measures, after the sanction, the competent authority must associate with the inspection and urge overcoming the violation. Establishment deliberately polluting will suspend operation, requesting a new restoration to allow operation again. People's Committees of districts and towns require farmers and farms to comply with commitments on environmental protection. Farmers need to voluntarily construct waste water collection and treatment facilities up to environmental standards.

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