Farm economy grows fast

: Wednesday - 04/01/2017 10:20  |  Viewed: 1389
In recent years, the type of farm economy has developed rapidly, using a lot of land, creating jobs and creating a considerable amount of goods, agricultural, forestry and fishery products for the society.

Livestock farms have increased rapidly in the last five years

By the end of 2016, the country had about 33,488 farms, an increase of 13,460 farms (67.2%) compared to 2011. Survey data released by the General Statistics Office in 2016 showed preliminary results show From 2011 to 2016, the average number of farms in the country increased by more than 13% per year. Of these, the Red River Delta has the strongest growth (an increase of 6,435 farms), accounting for nearly half of all farms in the country over the past five years.

The number of farms in the country increased mainly in the type of animal husbandry farms, an increase of 14,521 (3.3 times) more than in 2011. In the last five years, Growing grows over 45%. Meanwhile, the number of aquaculture farms decreased sharply, down 2,172 farms (48%) compared with 2011, on average reduced by nearly 10% per year.

Of the total number of farms in the country, there are about 9,216 farms (27.5%), 20,869 (62.4%), 112 forestry farms (0.3%). 2,350 aquaculture farms (7%), 941 integrated farms (accounting for 2.8%).

The farms used a total of 187,000 ha of agricultural, forestry and fishery land, an increase of 35,900ha compared to 2011. Of which, 60,000 ha of annual crop land; 79,500 ha of perennial land; 17,600ha of forest land and 29,800ha of land for aquaculture. The average level of agricultural, forestry and fishery land used by one farm in the whole country is 5.6 ha / farm.

At the same time, permanent jobs were created for 134,700 labors, an increase of 40,000 labors (42.4%) as compared to 2011. Of these, farm labor was 75,800, accounting for 56.3% of the total. Labor, the rest is the labor employed by the farm owner often. On average, one farm employs about 4 permanent workers. The average number of employees per farm used in 2016 is down from 2011 (4.7 in 2011), as farms have applied science and technology to machinery. Technique to serve the production stage. In addition, due to the development of farms, there is a clear shift in the number of farms, which use less labor than other types of farms, such as cultivation, aquaculture. The average employment of a farm is reduced.

The rapid development of farm economy has contributed to the creation of many agricultural, forestry and fishery product values. The total revenue from agricultural, forestry and fishery production of the farms in 2016 is estimated at VND93.098 trillion, up VND54,007 billion (138.2%) compared to the previous year's figure. 5 years (2011). On average, a farm has an income of VND2,780 million, an increase of VND828 million (up 42.4%) compared to 5 years ago.


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