Farmers Nghe An quot; Because the hog dropped the carpet

: Wednesday - 08/02/2017 10:20  |  Viewed: 1313
These days, farms and pig households in Nghe An are 'disturbed' because hogs are bought cheaply. There is a place, each pig after sale, the farmer suffered a loss of 1 million.

Recognizing that the development direction of pig farms is developing, stable prices, in early 2016, Le Van Thong in village 4, Quynh Luong commune invested in a closed farm with cooling fan, reducing Be smelly; Automatic and special food system with Bioga tunnel.
In October 2016 he started to buy 1,200 breeding pigs in the south of farming. However, after 4 months, when the pig reached the weight of the barn is also at the price of hogs dropped sharply "bottom" 31,000 VND / kg has caused the page to be sold on the occasion of Lunar New Year 2017. His farm lost more than 1 billion.
"The family invested all their money to invest in raising pigs. Unbelievably, the price of pork before and after the Tet was cheaply bought by traders. On average, a pig weighing 100 kg, we suffered a loss of nearly 1 million dong. Now we do not know where to get money to re-learn, "he said.
Le Van Thong's 1,200 pig farm in Quynh Luong Commune (Quynh Luu) suffered a loss of more than VND1 billion due to sharp fall in purchasing prices.
Find out from the farmer, each pig from the purchase of breeding stock to the weight of more than 100 kg of meat must cost 4 million. With prices ranging from 47,000 VND - 50,000 VND / kg as early as 2016, each pig will earn 1 million VND. However, the end of the year the pork market discount due to Chinese restrictions on procurement has caused the breeder to cry, bad laugh.
According to data from the Quynh Luu Veterinary Station, on average, the district develops a total of 46,000 to 50,000 pigs a year. Of which, there are about 20 thousand pork meat are commercial meat for Tet. Thus, the livestock breeders lost nearly 20 billion VND.
According to Vu Ngoc Quy - Division of Agriculture and Rural Development in Quynh Luu district, the main reason for the rapid price of pigs was due to the rapid increase in pig prices. With a farm scale of 200 pigs or more. On the other hand, the local hog consumption is too dependent on the Chinese market, so when the Chinese fell, the domestic hogs immediately fell.
The paradox is the price of live pigs but the cost of breeding pigs and industrial food is still high, so after the sale of lunar new year, nearly all owners of livestock farms are losing money, not enough money to repop her. And despite the sharp drop in prices, the prices of pork remain high at the wholesale markets in the district. Specifically, shoulder, butch, three pointed, ribs range from 70 to 80 thousand VND / kg, lean meat alone is priced from 90 thousand to 100 thousand VND / kg.
Not only pig farmers in Quynh Luu but other districts like Hoang Mai, Dien Chau, Yen Thanh ... are also suffering from the loss of livestock.

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