Get rich by goat farming

: Wednesday - 11/01/2017 10:20  |  Viewed: 1277
Mr. Doan Van Thieu in Thoi Nguon A area, Phuoc Thoi ward, O Mon district, Can Tho is one of the most successful goat breeders in the West.

Previously, he had worked hard, from fields, fields, raising buffalos, raising pigs but his life was still not good. After many years of anxiety, he went there and learned from experience in many breeding models in the Mekong Delta.
After learning about the breeding techniques and conditions, he decided to choose goat as the main livestock. So in 2013, he built cages with 16 goats, next year he buys 30 more, develops a farm model to raise goats, then goats and goats. Will determination to make rich.
After four years of intensive care, his farm has increased to 400 meat and about 350 seed, monthly sold to her relatives in and out of the province of over 100 goats of all kinds.
Three-month-old goats can be bought in the stable, each weighing between 16 and 25kg, selling at prices ranging from VND130-140,000 / kg (on average, each goat sells VND250,000 x 100 = VND25 million). Not to mention goat trade.
Mr. Thieu excitedly said that raising goats at the extreme but need to spend more food, but need to have premises, breeding facilities to ensure environmental hygiene. Their main food is vegetables, grass and other by-products such as banana, soybeans, corn, corn stalk and leaves ... The resistance of goats is very high so rarely occurs. Peace of mind, no loss worries. Moreover, goat breeds are quite fast, every 2 years / 3 litters, each litter 2 children. After 2 - 3 months of age, they can produce barns and 8 months of age for goats and meat, and prices are relatively stable.
According to him, for short-term raising, many people buy goats meat about 15kg / fattening in 3- 4 months can be from 700,000 to 1 million per child. Since then, he asserted, an idle laborer fed with 5 profitable goats could be equivalent to 5 crops after harvest.
At present, the size of Thieu's barn is quite large with many kinds of good goats, from batik, goat to boer (South Africa). The big ones can weigh over 70kg, like Saanen (Switzerland). People come to buy the seed. To ensure that the goat develops well and meet the demand for trading, creating favorable conditions for trading services, he always needs 5 laborers for accounting, mowing and cutting. Eating, cleaning and delivery.
Although he does not indicate specific income but with the amount sold, at least every year he also words on several hundred million from the sale of goats, goats, goat milk and goat goat.

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