Get rich on the new economic zone

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With the model of raising sows and pigs combined with planting perennial trees, the family of Mr. Dao Duy Thanh - Da Chong village, Minh Quang mountain commune is a testament to the efforts of many typical farmers. In Ba Vi district, Ha Noi city.

In pursuit of the policy of developing new economic zones, in 1991, Mr. Thanh and his family went to Da Chong mountain area, Minh Quang commune to develop household economy. In the early years of the new up, the economy is still wild, the house is a few kilometers away, roads are difficult to travel with sloping cat ears, difficult to cultivate because of intermingled soil is rocky. Many people were discouraged but Thanh and his family diligently cultivated land, converted plants and animals to fit this land. With a land area of ​​about 3.5 hectares, but lack of capital to invest in production, Thanh has implemented "short-term raising" to make the dream of modeling his farm economy into reality. In the early years, his family focused on growing bamboo and rice to sell bamboo shoots and expand the area of ​​perennial trees. By 2001, collecting money, Thanh built his own cage, bought two breeding pigs and started raising pigs from here.
To study hard and to follow the techniques of raising pigs, Mr. Thanh now has pig farm with 4 stables of 250 regular pigs and 2 sows of 80 sows. alcohol. At peak, pigs up to 400 porkers. The farm model is built, managed in a scientific way, ensuring the environment is always kept hygienic. Seed supplied by the farm self-sufficiency should ensure the quality of livestock. In the past few years, in the face of the epidemic disease, many farmers left the cage because of fear of disease, price of pigs is uncertain and food prices for pigs are escalating, the family of Thanh still persist Stable pig breeding model. Each year, pigs for his family profit about 700 million. He not only enriched his family, but also helped with technical guidance and care for herds of pigs, members, farmers in the commune. Many households lack of capital, Thanh is willing to buy pigs bear breeding so that children have conditions to develop livestock.
With the desire to create local livestock movement to help many people make a fortune from animal husbandry, Thanh and 12 other members have linked up and formed a professional association, trusted by everyone elected as the president. . Although established more than a year, the association's activities have contributed to change the traditional small-scale production practices of many households to large-scale production, maintaining more than 100 pigs per household, compliant with the process The breed ensures the supply of safe products to the market. Ham learn, strictly follow the principles in breeding, pig farm of Mr. Dao Van Thanh, Da Chong village, Minh Quang commune has become a reliable address of many customers. Mr. Thanh has been recognized by the Minh Quang Commune authorities for his contribution to raising the local pig raising movement and the district People's Committee Awarded the title "Good people, good deeds" in 2016.

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