Large scale pig raising

: Sunday - 13/11/2016 22:20  |  Viewed: 1312
The pig farm with a scale of 1,200 pigs for high interest, is the result after two years of construction investment of Mr. Le Cong Minh Sang (28 years) in Cua Den village, Nghia Dung commune, Tan Ky district, Nghe An province. .

After graduating from high school, instead of choosing the path of college as many friends of his age, Le Cong Minh Sang cherished the dream of getting rich in his homeland.
Before starting to grow porkers, Mr. Sang had a lot of farming and livestock. From 2010 he started to plant 1.5ha of sugarcane, raising 400 chickens ... but not all effective. By November 2014, after learning many pig breeding models, he bravely followed. His farm was divided into two large enclosures, each containing over 600 cages, including several cages. Cats are investing in lighting, heating, ventilating and window systems to adapt to different weather conditions. Waste is treated by digestive enzymes, settling ponds and biogas reactors.
Every day, Mr. Morning poured food into mixed chute into the trough twice to eat pigs. The temperature in the pen is always controlled at 26oC. The pigs were vaccinated in full 4 times after 7, 35, 50 and 70 days, in turn injected antibiotics against asthma, cholera, foot and mouth disease and blue ear disease.
Mr. Sang added that during the transition period, pigs are more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases due to weather changes, so it is important to control the temperature in the stable and to add vitamins to the feed. To raise pig resistance.
After four months of farming, Pig's pigs are sold at a weight of 100-120 kg / head, excluding the cost of tens of millions of dong.
Sharing about the fruits of his labor, he said: "Livestock is a job that not only requires diligence but also requires high technology. Continuing to learn and apply scientific breeding techniques is a vital element that I have drawn after many failures. "
Currently young farmers Le Cong Minh Sang is preparing to build a new pig farm with a size of 600 children. He is also planning to grow dairy grass to make use of pig waste in the coming year.

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