Livestock model for high income

: Thursday - 16/02/2017 10:20  |  Viewed: 1278
In order to make good use of the available hill gardens, Phung Van Han's family, Nguyen Thi Nga from Thanh Son village, Quang Thanh commune, Quang Trach district, Quang Binh province, For high income.

Born and raised in a purely Catholic family, from the time of his family up until now, Mr. and Mrs. Nga's wife lived mainly on livestock farming. They have boldly developed diversified forms of agricultural production in order to bring high economic efficiency.
With the motto of raising money for short term, raising the interest, initially, the couple invested nearly 2,000 chickens, ducks and commercial birds, together with chickens and ducks for incubation, selling and breeding. Add three hybrid cows. To make full use of the garden land, they have dug up 3 ponds to raise 4,000 fish of all kinds: catfish, tilapia, fish, carp and fish. Particularly for the area of ​​hilly land, they combine pepper and maize to get more food for the herd.
After a long period of effort and development efforts, up to now, their breeding model has been large and stable, to continue to expand the model of economic development. Up to now, just over a year, goats have had nearly 30 children including goat and goat in the reproductive period. Each year, the mother gives two litters, one to three litters each, and 5-7 months when the goats reach a weight of about 25 kg can be sold.
Mr. Han said: goats are simple livestock, low cost is the food market is very popular, high consumption. From this integrated husbandry model, Mr. Han's family has an average income of nearly 200 million VND per year.
At present, he plans to continue investing in expanding the area of ​​animal husbandry, increasing the number and diversifying types of animals.

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