Management and development of the chicken brand Tien Yen. Solving the problem keeps the brand

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The supply of breeds, compliance with technical breeding and product consumption ... are still major challenges to the management and development of the chicken brand Tien Yen. In order to keep the name of Tien Yen chicken, it is urgent to overcome these obstacles immediately. Must "reload" the management ...

Bui Quang Minh, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology, said: "Creating a brand will have to be done in 3 steps:" Creating - Managing - Developing ". With the simultaneous operation of all three steps, Quang Ninh has been highly appreciated by the National Office of Intellectual Property, shortening the implementation time and the organizational structure and mechanisms to develop, manage. For the chicken brand Tien Yen, the step is very good but the most regrettable in recent years is Tien Yen district (brand owner) does not have a specialized management agencies, staff are mainly concurrently working And often move work so step 2 and step 3 have been loosened. To overcome these shortcomings quickly, the district needs to re-establish its management apparatus, do a good job of controlling the breed, control the production of the right to use the chicken brand, control At the same time, it is necessary to have a sole clue to take charge of the management of husbandry and consumption of products in order to avoid breaking the planning and Price pressure, expansion of production but close monitoring of the technical process of breeding.

Chain-based and chain-based access is an important solution to develop Tien Yen chicken products in a sustainable manner. In picture: The family of Mrs. Phuong Thi Hanh, Hai Lang Commune receives the breeding chicken from the project "Support the model of chicken raising indigenous family economic development in the value chain" of the Fund to encourage women to develop the city. Uông Bí. Photo: Hoang Nga

It is said that it aims to create a connection between chicken farmers in the district to help each other in breeding, slaughtering, processing and trading chicken. Yen established the Livestock and Bird Conservation Association with 390 members. With its active and active, the Association has contributed to transforming livestock farming from small scale, household scale to large scale. However, due to the lack of funds for operation, no headquarters for organizing activities and transactions, no management and use of the trademark, so far the Union of Livestock and Chicken Consumption is not implemented. The activities set out for the original purpose. In addition, as reflected by the Association, it is the Executive Committee of the Association not to participate in the development of Tien Yen chicken herd deployed in the past, causing the members had to switch to public. Other, inevitably depressed psychology, led to the management of the label was left open. This shows that it is time to hand over the "Tien Yen" Husbandry and Chicken Conservation Association, which is invested by the district where the transaction offices are located, is responsible for management and consumption activities. The chicken Yen Tien ... not the type of "drum bearer name" as the last time. In addition, it is necessary to continue to promote card wearing solutions for chickens (used to be used in the past), but this card must follow a common pattern, with specific information of the manufacturers themselves. Businesses to bind responsibility and raise awareness of these establishments themselves.


To ensure the quality of Tien Yen chicken, it is very important to control the seed source. In the picture: Check for breeding hens in Binh Minh Agriculture and Forest Development Company, Yen Than (Tien Yen).

... and chain management solutions
Building a brand that is difficult, preserving and developing the brand is much more difficult. In fact, the process of Tien Yen district to carry out activities to meet the criteria to be certified by the National Office of Intellectual Property certification for Tien Yen chicken also takes up to 3 years, not to mention lost before. For many years to "conceive" the idea and the preparation work. Therefore, the preservation and development of the name of Tien Yen chicken really need to be organized with the orientation and the State's launch to together with people and businesses to create vitality for the product.
Master Hoang Xuan Truong (Center for Research and Development of Agricultural Systems), head of the project to build brand name Tien Yen chicken said that all products with good brand will be forged. That is the law of the market. To prevent this, we not only produce in series but also in the management of the chain. For agricultural brands, the first limitation is the poor overall management regime, plus the deterrent sanctions, the sanctions are almost not taken seriously. If in any place, local authorities and authorities in fiercely, the product is well developed. In order to preserve and enhance the title, it is now necessary to build a system of traceability with both books and electrons. This means that management of livestock producers from the breeding area, the source of the breeders, the number of breeding chickens purchased, the time of purchase, the schedule of vaccination, the time of sale, the quantity sold .... The brand, also the local government, must also deliver to a unit that locates the consumer market, the target consumer, and serves as the focal point of the product to "market" the market. In addition, the localities must also intensify the propaganda activities, take measures to drastically deal with households violating the technical breeding and epidemic prevention, not aware of professional ethics, do Affecting the name of Tien Yen chicken as not granting trademark certification, not supporting market promotion ...
It can be said that the construction and establishment of the Tien Yen chicken brand was the success of Tien Yen district, which has greatly improved the value of local animals. However, if branding is difficult, keeping the brand is harder. Therefore, right now, owner of Tien Yen chicken brand is Tien Yen district must take the leading role, urgently implement measures to overcome weaknesses, survive. In front of the eyes have to tighten the management, not only in the chain but also in chain management.

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