Mr. Tran Van Hung: Quite up from the duck raising model

: Thursday - 01/09/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1217
Over time, many farmers in HCMC. Bac Lieu uses a variety of production models, contributing to the diversification of crops and livestock, helping to increase income for the family. In particular, the model of raising ducks by Mr. Tran Van Hung (Vinh Trach commune, Bac Lieu city) brings high economic efficiency.

In 2014, Hung raised the test of nature duck. At that time, he must go to Tay Ninh many times to learn breeding techniques and buy breeding. According to Hung, ducks are easy to raise, strong resistance, adapt quickly to captivity. However, it is unreasonable for ducks to get high yields, neglected in care and prevention.

Starting with nearly 300 ducklings, with determination and hard work, Hung's duck now has more than 4,000 ducks. In order to meet the demand for incubation to ensure the number of ducks reared in the herd, in addition to two small incubators (purchased on the market), with a capacity of 200-300 eggs per incubation, Large with over 1,000 eggs per incubator. Thanks to that, Mr. Hung has the initiative.

Duck meat for meat is about 70 days (weight from 1 to 1.5kg / fish) that can sell for about 150,000 VND / fish. In 2015, Hung profits more than 100 million from the sale of meat ducks and duck heaven eggs.

"In the past, I was farming industrial shrimp, but after a few failures, I did not have the capital to invest in farming," he said. Once, I went to Tay Ninh, a friend introduced the model of raising ducks. This type of duck easy to raise, for a stable income, not need as much capital as shrimp farming. Since moving to raising ducks today, my family has been more stable than before. "

For farmers to rest assured investment, apply the new production models, Phan Minh Kha, Party Secretary of Vinh Trach Commune, Ho Chi Minh City. Bac Lieu said: "Along with the implementation of the objectives in building new rural areas, the commune has implemented many policies to support farmers development of production. It helps them gradually improve the family economy, stabilize their lives. "

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