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Just send KTND (temperature test) via mobile phone, after a while, the electric sensor system automatically update all parameters of temperature, humidity, wind speed ... in the pigsty .

Mr. Math shared, he used to raise pigs with closed feeder system, drinking fountains and automatic cooling wall ... But the system of inlet fans still need people to regulate when needed. It is very inconvenient when the farmer is away from the pig farm but the weather is raining, not timely reduce the speed of the ventilator, to increase the temperature of the pigsty.
Accordingly, the pigs will be subjected to thermal shock, causing respiratory diseases and diarrhea, which can kill pigs and pigs. With pregnant sows, sudden freezing will result in miscarriage or death in pregnancy ... So the risk of loss in pig production is still quite high.
All the above-mentioned shortcomings have been completely overcome since the Mathematical Transformation of the automated electric mine automation system into a mining automation system into automatic sensor system for pig farm.
The automatic pig-trap sensor has just been connected to the national telecommunication network and has been linked to automatic pig farm automation devices.
Automatic electric sensor system installed in the pig farm
The pig farm electrical sensor operates on the principle of thermal induction. When the weather outside the barn changes (too hot or too cold), it will cause a change in temperature, humidity and air inside the pigsty. At that time, the electric sensor system in the pig farm automatically adjusts the rotational speed or number of inlet fans to ensure that the temperature and humidity of the barn are always stable at the threshold (pre-set Suitable for pig growth.
From the installation of automatic electric sensors in the pig farm, the risk of disease in pigs raising pigs has been basically eliminated. Farmers do not need to be near the camp often. Just send KTND (temperature test) via mobile phone, after a while, the electrical sensor system has updated the temperature, humidity and wind speed in pigsty. Text message to the home owner anywhere in Vietnam or abroad.
In order to minimize the cost of raising animals, Mr. Math also made some other improvements:
- Replacing water pipes for cooling towers with fountains, saving 80% of the cooling power of pigsty compared to current technology.
- Synchronization of lighting system by Led bulbs (electricity saving) in livestock and domestic activities.
- Investment in self-grinding machinery mixing food (red corn, soybean, light fish meal, vegetable oil, heavy bran ...) for pigs. Help reduce livestock cost per head of meat from 120 to 150 thousand VND compared with feeding industrial bran bought from factories.
- Actively source seed quality good, lower price by breeding 70 foreign pigs.
- Build biogas digesters to treat waste and raise the air outlets. Help reduce environmental pollution, prevent the risk of pest outbreaks.
Mr. Nguyen's family regularly raises 500 meat pigs, 70 foreign sows. Each year produce more than 100 tons of live hogs. Net profit is 1.5 - 1.7 billion.
The experience of Nguyen Van Math:
Closed pig farms are now popular, with an average profit of only 0.8 to 0.9 million dong / head of pigs per litter. If the pigs are self-contained, they mix the feed and adjust the temperature automatically, the profit will be doubled (1.5 - 1.7 million / head of pig / litter).
Closed pig farming still has to strictly follow the process of raising biosafety pigs such as:
Cleaning the cages 2-3 times a day.
Periodically sterilize 7 times a day with a solution of Formol or clear lime.
Vaccines to prevent swine diseases timely.
Restrict strangers out into the pig farm and must have generator backup power failure.
Maintain the temperature and humidity of pig housing at 27 ± 1-2oC and 75 ± 5%.

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