Nghe An; Effective from the biologically safe broiler chicken production model

: Tuesday - 22/11/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1154
In order to help farmers get access to new scientific and technical advances and improve production efficiency for farmers, from 4/2016, Tuong Duong district agricultural extension station (Nghe An) Raising biosecurity biosecurity "in Xa Luong commune, Tuong Duong district with a scale of 1,000 children.

Over the past years, poultry farming in Tuong Duong (Nghe An) district in general and Xa Luong commune in particular has seen many development steps. However, farmers still keep raising livestock in the traditional way. Not high and especially the disease usually occurs in chickens, low survival rate, prolonged feeding time, quality of meat products unsafe for human health. On the other hand, chicken farming in small scale households, with no emphasis on hygiene and disease prevention, it is very easy to develop disease in chickens, causing great losses to farmers, causing pollution environment.
Based on that fact, from 4/2016, the Agriculture Extension Station of Tuong Duong district (Nghe An) has implemented the model "Breeding biological broiler chicken" in Xa Luong commune, Tuong Duong district with the scale of 1,000 alcohol. The model aims to help farmers get access to new scientific and technological advances, prevent some common diseases, reduce environmental pollution, improve product quality and production efficiency for farmers.
Participated in a model of 06 households, each household adopted 150 - 200 chickens (like Ri hybrid) 20 days old. Farmers participating in the model are supported whole lines of ruminants, feeds, veterinary drugs, antiseptic chemicals, prophylactic vaccines and specific technical guidance. In addition, prior to the introduction of the chickens and during the culture process, farmers were provided with two technical training courses at the site, which enabled them to see headphones and practice techniques in animal husbandry. .
Although during the implementation of the model encountered unpredictable rain and weather conditions, greatly affected the development of chickens, but thanks to technical staff closely monitoring, specific guidance for each. Households follow the technical process, feed investment to ensure quantity, quality and timely prevention of disease so the birds grow healthy growth.
The results showed that 14 weeks age, healthy and less disease, 95% survival rate, average weight 2.0 kg / unit / 14 weeks Amount collected 1,900 kg. With the scale of 1,000 chickens, after deducting the cost of seeds, feed, veterinary medicine, vaccines, chemical disinfectants, labor ... model of gaining 76,100,000.
Participating in the model, the households apply synchronized technical advances in chicken raising, ensuring the vaccine prevention in accordance with the technical process, good cleaning of breeding facilities, spray disinfectants periodically. , Food quality assurance, helping the chicken grow and develop quite well. In addition, the model has contributed to creating jobs for a part of idle labor in the locality, increasing incomes for the people, limiting the exploitation and deforestation impact on the protection forest; Promoting the strengths of the locality, providing safe chicken meat for the market.

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