Nghe An; Promote animal husbandry to source clean goods

: Tuesday - 21/02/2017 10:20  |  Viewed: 1344
Farmers in the locality are actively repopulating, developing livestock after Tet. That process, the veterinary work is focused. Although the livestock and poultry markets are uncertain, livestock producers are still struggling to maintain their livelihood.

Tam Thai commune is one of the localities with the highest number of cattle and poultry in the market in Tuong Duong district (Nghe An province) with over 30 tons. Therefore, the commune people are actively re-stock animals with local animals, suitable with soil and climate of the region.
Mr. Kha Van Thanh - Ban Tam Tam said that after selling more than 30 black pigs during Tet, the family is actively taking care of their pigs. "My family mainly sells semi-natural animals, feeds the available food, feeds properly, sufficiently so that the animals develop equally. The process of raising livestock, the family strictly adheres to the vaccination for herds of animals, attaching importance to building hygienic breeding facilities, "- Thanh shared.
Tuong Duong district has directed the relevant departments, technical and veterinary support, capital to re-invest in livestock herd, stable production. Nguyen Thi Binh, head of the district agricultural extension station, added: "We propagate grass planting, cattle and poultry breeding. The veterinary sector appoints staff, keeps track of the area, assists livestock farmers vaccinate and protect livestock. "
* The market is insecure, farmers are still trying to maintain breeding
Although after the Lunar New Year in 2017, the market has a lot of fluctuations, especially the price of livestock fluctuations are fluctuating but the family Tran Xuan Son in hamlet 7, Nghia Dan (Nghia Dan) still export nearly 6,000 fruits Eggs lay each day.
Currently, Mr. Son's family is maintaining 6,300 chickens. Before the Lunar New Year, he sells eggs at VND1,800 / fruit, now the price is reduced to VND1,500 per fruit. Egg prices fell sharply but his family still focused on improving the quality of breeding.
In many localities, farmers have raised seed capital, equipped with techniques, developed livestock towards clean goods. Local authorities also advised households not to be too bewildered, select the right livestock, avoid raising focus at the same time susceptible traders to price pressure, and continue to have solutions to remove difficulties. For farmers: Strengthening the transfer of science and technology in animal husbandry; To protect and develop livestock herds, to minimize damage caused by epidemics; Developing models of husbandry of farms and farms in the form of linking groups of households, increasing economic value.

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