Pork prices plunge, farmers worry

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Before the price of pork has been declining, farmers in the Lao Cai border province began to worry.

At this time, when pigs export at 39-40 thousand VND / kg, the breeders said they were in breakeven point if not well fed. Representatives of a number of agricultural cooperatives also forecast that from now until the Lunar New Year, pork prices will continue to decrease.

Farmers have trouble
Bao Thang district has been identified as a key breeding area of ​​Lao Cai province. Bao Thang district has been successfully building up the movement of animal husbandry focused on development in terms of scale, quantity and production areas. Typically, Xuan Quang, Son Hai, Son Ha, Xuan Giao communes and even in the town of Pho Lu.
To date, Bao Thang has 29 farms have been issued NTM certification. Of which, there are 27 concentrated livestock farms. The farm economy model is a stable source of income for families from 200 to 500 million per year.
Mr. Nguyen Tai Tu, owner of Tien Cuong Commune (Bao Thang district), member of Quy Hien Cooperative, said that he is raising pigs with 8 closed farms, selling more than 200 tons of pigs each year. If the total cost of raising chicken is about 10 billion. According to Tu, due to being a member of the cooperative, the output of the product is consumed. However, over time the price of pigs are going down, also affect the income of the family.
Mr. Le Manh Quy, Director of Quy Hien Cooperative and also a household raising about 460 sows, 3,000 pigs, said that since its founding, the cooperative has oriented output for mainly domestic products. . At present, the export price of pigs ranges from 39 to 40 thousand VND / kg.
However, according to Quy, local pork prices are still affected by the export of pigs to China.

"The fall in export pig prices will affect our domestic counterparts. If the Chinese limit the purchase, the price of pigs down to 35-36 thousand / kg will cause difficulties for farmers here.
According to Quy, on peak occasions as in May, June, every day, this cooperative sold about 1,000 pigs. At the end of the year, from now until Tet, the daily output is expected to be from 300 to 400 children.
With many years of experience in the field of livestock, Mr. Quy predicts that until the Tet holiday, the price of pigs for sale will fall to VND33-3,000 / kg. At that time, the breeder will inevitably lose money. But Mr. Quy said that was the breeding, then have to accept this time and other, not win forever.
Mr Quy said that when the price reaches 38,000 VND / kg, the good breeders will breakeven, the less experienced will lose.
Still determined to pursue
The second unit we visited was Quyet Thang cooperative, Van Hoa commune, HCMC. Lao Cai. This is a medium-sized cooperative with 10 members, established in 2003. However, there are only four households involved in raising pigs on a farm scale.
Bui Xuan Nam, a member of Canh Chin village, has now switched to a 3-year-old pig farm. There are currently 20 sows and more than 100 porkers in the cages.
Despite the scale of the farm scale, Mr. Nam still applies some traditional breeding methods. As a baker, he took advantage of the liquor, and at the same time bought corn for grinding, mixing it with food for pigs next to industrial bran.
Every year, Nam's farm sells about 15 tons of pigs. "At the beginning of the year, the price of pigs was 52 - 53, now only 39 thousand VND / kg. My family was only sold in the province for traders and abattoirs. In general, the price of pig exports decreased, we are affected but not much, "Nam said.
According to Nam, if you know how to use rational food, the price of pigs will go down a bit, the raisers will still be profitable. On the contrary, if fully dependent on industrial feed, at the current price, the breakeven point would be reached. With the current situation, Mr. Nam shared, in 2017, the family will focus on herds of sows, expand breeding facilities. If the price of pigs move up, will push the pig meat, in turn will switch to selling piglets. As a rule, piglets are usually easier to produce.
Mr. Tran Van Huan, Quyet Thang cooperative said that each year sold about 10 tons of meat market. The output of his family is also mainly in the province. Huan shared, must select the market and adopt the way of farming. In fact, if using complete bran, breed well breed capital will not still lose money.
Mr. Hoang Chinh Phuong, director of Lao Cai Department of Animal Health (Department of Animal Health - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), said that the Lao Cai provincial People's Committee had a ban on importing and exporting pigs. Live through this locality. Through inspections and information captured from the Border Guard and Customs forces, in all openings there is no longer the export of pigs.

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