Porkers risk losing the Lunar New Year

: Tuesday - 10/01/2017 10:20  |  Viewed: 1186
At the end of the year, it is often the occasion when farms are excited to sell high-priced pigs. But in the last months of the year, the price of commercial pigs has been decreasing, causing farmers to lose more weight. Currently, the price of pigs sold at the cage is only VND32,000 - VND35,000 / kg (about VND15,000 lower than at the beginning of 2016). Many livestock producers

A typical household in the production and business of Dong Tuyen Commune (Lao Cai City), this time, Pham Van Bang, village 8, is like "sitting on the fire" by nearly 100 meat pigs (type Over 100kg) is too old to sell; Market prices are declining, while pigs still have to feed, taking care of the hole even more holes.
Mr. Bang said: "About a week, traders come to the house only paid 34,000 VND / kg live pigs, beautiful pigs, many lean; The price is low, but they just want to buy the lean, not the same as before. The pigs have high fat rates they pay lower prices, not even catch, because the operation does not sell meat. I have to accept that price over twenty children, calculated after 5 months of care, each family pigs lost nearly 1.5 million. At present, in the family's cages, there are nearly 100 pigs per 100 kg, consuming about 5 quintals of bran each day. My family also try to wait to see if the price is up to sell it, this momentum probably lost the Lunar New Year. "
Similarly, Mr. Bui's family is the pig farm of Bui Thi Chung's family, village 5, Dong Tuyen commune. With nearly 100 pigs to finish the cage, Chung's family also sat quietly, all day running around to find traders to buy pigs.
Not only Mr. Bang, Ms. Chung is in the scene "bad cry bad", other households in the province are experiencing the same situation. The price of live hogs in Bao Yen, Van Ban districts is also very low, ranging from 30,000 VND to 35,000 VND / kg.

Pig prices began to decline from around the beginning of the 9th lunar month to the present and there are signs of further decline in the future as supply exceeds demand. The cause is identified as the meat exporters do not import meat. Besides, porkers from other provinces overflowing into Lao Cai market is also one of the reasons that pig prices in the province decreased sharply.
According to the statistics of the agricultural sector, there are 189 pig farms in the province, the total flock in 2016 reached 524,004 (up 17,948 children compared with 2015). In order to do well in preventing and fighting diseases, in 2016, the pigs develop stably, there is no big epidemic, which causes abundant supply of food, surpassing the demand of the market.
The price of live hogs is sharply lower, however, according to a reporter's survey, in markets in Lao Cai, pork prices are still selling very high. At Kim Tan Market, pork prices range from VND70,000 to VND90,000 depending on type. At B6 market, Nam Cuong pork prices are still higher, ranging from VND80,000 to VND 105,000 depending on type. According to small traders Nguyen Van Thang, Kim Tan market, the current high meat prices are bought by meaters of traders are still at 50,000 to 55,000 VND / kg live hog. It is obvious that overpopulation and over-reliance by hog traders is evident.
At present, due to fear of pigs continue to decline, many households have the psychology of "selling out" to remove pigs to reduce losses. This makes traders have to excuse the price. In the face of the above situation, the provincial agriculture and rural development department advised farmers not to abandon their cages or to stop production, as the market rules, hog prices would rise again after several months due to shortages. hard. In order to limit the risk, the farmers should cooperate with the chain-linking businesses (from breeding, feed, animal husbandry, processing and marketing). At the same time, attention should be paid to ensuring hygiene and safety. food.

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