Poultry market Tet holiday Chicken waste and intermediary pushing prices

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On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the poultry market is really vibrant with huge demand. Therefore, it is unavoidable to import poultry products that are not of sufficient quality from other countries, while the domestic market is the intermediary that pushes prices to disadvantage consumers.

It is shared by Mr. Tran Duy Khanh, Secretary General of Vietnam Poultry Breeders Association with TBTCVN about the inadequacies in poultry business today.
* Reporter: The demand for poultry consumption near Lunar New Year is very large. So how is the situation of bird supply at this moment, sir?
Mr. Tran Duy Khanh: Last year, the poultry market was very active, not only in Vietnam, but also in neighboring countries like China. breed.
Therefore, it is unavoidable to import unqualified poultry products such as chicken from neighboring countries for circulation in the country.
* Reporter: Standing next to a huge neighbor is China, what makes him most worried when importing poultry from this market?
- Mr. Tran Duy Khanh: In poultry farming, China alone has 1-2 chicken breeds dominant Vietnam, but in general provinces adjacent to Vietnam as the two provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, the situation is not more Vietnam. Therefore, every year, on the occasion of Tet, they come to Vietnam to buy large quantities of chickens and pigs for domestic consumption.
In the livestock sector, competition with China in terms of price and quality, we are not afraid of smuggled goods, poor quality goods, waste (such as waste chicken) imported into Vietnam.
Moreover, the processing method is also "sophisticated" is cleaned, cut head, legs, frozen containers make it difficult for consumers to distinguish whether quality chicken or not. This also causes most farmers and chicken breeders the most concern.
* Reporter: Actually, the price of poultry in Vietnam is relatively high compared to some countries. Is this paradox, sir?
Mr. Tran Duy Khanh: Yes, the price of poultry in Vietnam is slightly higher than that of other countries in Southeast Asia, but if Vietnam does well in importing chickens from other countries, 40% , Cut chicken cut to 20%, plus the cost of transport, the price of Vietnamese chicken can really compete with imported chicken.
For example, Ba Huan Company is a large livestock unit that has stated, for white chicken, if Vietnam is transparent, close and full of tax management, chicken production in Vietnam is sufficient. Compete with imported chicken.
* Reporter: In the domestic market, there is an opinion that intermediary in poultry trade is also a concern. What do you comment on this?

Mr. Tran Duy Khanh: This is now the weakest in circulation in Vietnam. Actually, the farmer earns only 25-30% profit but the intermediary medium to 30-40%. This is inadequate, proving that the role of chain regulation is not good; Harms the farmer, produces the right product and harms the user as well. Consumers use the product at low cost, but consumers have to "bear" high prices due to middlemen.
For example, the current price of chickens of chicken breeders in Yen The (Bac Giang) district is only 75,000-80,000 VND / kg, which is profitable and sufficient for production, but consumers have to buy in the market. The middle school is priced at 120,000-125,000 VND / kg, even if there is no chicken to buy. Thus, through a middle poultry price has been pushed up more than a third.
* Reporter: What solution do you have to reduce the role of this middleman?
Mr. Tran Duy Khanh: Firstly, the Government must take part and enterprises of poultry production and animal husbandry want the State to really support the focal point and chain link, providing farmers from Breeds, food, veterinary drugs, slaughter to market quality products with reasonable prices.
Currently, the policy for enterprises to organize chain organization is not available. Therefore, I strongly suggest MARD to submit to the Government for support to these focal points, it is sure that the next time Vietnam's chain link in breeding will be successful.

* Reporter: Thank you Mr.!

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