Preventing incidents from biogas digester

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Biogas digesters have helped many families have fuel every day, saving money and significantly reducing environmental pollution, especially in rural areas. But in reality, many people do not know how to properly operate and maintain the process of causing accident and risk.

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 Installation of biogas for households in Ngoc Thien (Tan Yen).
Provide clean fuel
According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province has tens of thousands of biogas plants to treat animal waste in households and farms. Of which, about 10 thousand tunnels were built with loans and non-refundable aid from biogas programs. As a result, many farmers have a clean source of energy for cooking and running small power generators.
Biogas digesters contribute to significantly reducing environmental pollution from animal waste. Biogas digested waste water and wastewater is a rich source of organic fertilizer for plants. Mr. Nguyen Van Nam, village of Dong La, Que Nham commune (Tan Yen), said that since the construction of biogas cellar, the family does not have to manually treat the waste of livestock. Instead, he just sweeps waste into the tunnel, has both fuel used but space around the house is also cleaner, more healthy.
The economic and environmental benefits of biogas are very practical and meaningful to the community, but there are also potential risks if people do not pay attention to some safety rules. operate.
Mr. Dao Xuan Vinh, Director, Sub-Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Quality Assurance (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), Deputy Director of the Project Management Unit for Low Carbon Agriculture (LCASP) "Using biogas plants is risk of fire and gas asphyxia. Therefore, when supporting the gas tunnel, we ask the householder to make a proposal that describes the scale of the livestock. On that basis, the unit reviews and advises the technical and recommends the correct use of procedures to ensure safety.
The project has 17 technicians on duty. " Mr. Le Van Cuong, Phuc Long Village, Tang Tien Commune (Viet Yen) said: "Participating in the LCASP project, my family received 3 million VND to build 25m3 tank; Guide the operating procedures when used as: Dilute, stir up waste ... to limit the clot ".
What to do to avoid the risk?
However, not all households are interested in the technical process of operation. Via a neighbor, Le Van Luong, Phuc Long Village, Tang Tien Commune, Viet Yen, hired a group of workers in Bac Ninh to install a composite biogas reactor with a capacity of more than 10 cubic meters. Mr. Luong said: "They are assembled, receive money but not guide how to operate, maintenance how."
In fact, many households renting freelancers to install and build on their experience such as Mr. Luong's family has had some consequences. Many built tanks do not create gas to break down costly. According to professional staff, in order to ensure safety when used, people are not allowed to install gas pipelines to pass through places near the source of heat, away from the ignition device to avoid fire. It is not advisable to clean the cellar by informing the technician or renting a septic tank or specialized pump.
In case of self-treatment, it is necessary to comply with safety procedures, open the lid of the gas tank for a long time depending on the tank capacity. Then, use the pole through the exit, or the entrance to break the scum and pump water to push the scum out. When excavating the foundations of construction work, digging near the tunnel should be careful, avoid external impact on the tunnel to prevent explosion by gas pressure in the tunnel is very large.
However, many households do not follow the recommendations. Last August, the couple was hired to break the tunnel biogas tunnel for a family in Nha Nam town (Tan Yen) died when the tank breaks. Previously, in October last year, when digging the foundation of the house, the excavator driver broke through the biogas plant of her family Trinh Thi Hao, Bai Ca village, Tien Luc (Lang Giang). Hustle explosion caused Hao's granddaughter to be seriously injured in hospital emergency.
With the large number of biogas reactors located in the residential area plus the number of underground tunnels that are too large for their use, many households must dispose of fuel in case of accidental incidents. Therefore, relevant agencies should coordinate with grassroots authorities to regularly propagate and advise people on the construction, maintenance and operation of the works in the right manner, raising the sense of responsibility for ensuring safety. For myself and the community.
Force the live chicken to drop into the cage, wait 5-10 minutes then pull up. If the animal is normal then it is safe to go to the tank. When down the tunnel must tie the rope and have someone on the track. Absolutely do not go down the pit if the chicken is dead or there are unusual expression because it is oxygen-deficient and has a lot of toxic gas.
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