Preventing increased environmental pollution in agriculture

: Tuesday - 13/12/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1183
The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development has asked industry units to implement urgent measures to reduce and prevent further pollution and environmental degradation in agriculture. Responding to climate change.

Accordingly, the units enhance the propaganda and mobilization of producers and consumers to raise their awareness of responsibility for environmental protection; Strictly observe the provisions of the law on environmental protection. At the same time, regular training courses for staff working in environmental protection in agriculture and rural areas.
In addition, organizations implement environmental protection from the stage of approval, evaluation to the implementation and operation of the project. Along with the review of the approved environmental impact assessment report, works and measures to protect the environment of investment projects, especially high-risk projects that have bad impacts on the environment. Schools are also interested to take timely corrective measures. Functional units must also intensify the supervision and inspection of water quality in the irrigation system to meet the water supply requirements for agricultural production, aquaculture, rural people and industries. Other.
In addition, the units also guide people to use compost; Treatment and reuse of agricultural by-products as organic fertilizers. At the same time, dissemination and replication of sustainable farming models towards climate change adaptation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; Develop models for efficient use of fertilizers, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.
The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development has also requested the units to increase the application of advanced cultivation techniques, step by step reduce the use of pesticides and comply with technical requirements. Use of pesticides. To conduct inspection and examination of the observance of the law provisions on production, trading and use of plant protection drugs. At the same time, to step up the application and transfer of waste treatment technologies in slaughter, preliminary processing and processing of animals and animal products.
Besides, to guide, inspect and supervise the implementation of the management of feed quality, environmental remediation and treatment, conditions for seed production and trading and quality of aquatic breeds. Control of the quality of feed water, wastewater and waste in aquaculture to limit environmental pollution ...
The agriculture sector has played a particularly important role in ensuring food security, employment and income generation for about 70% of the population, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
However, along with the development of the sector, the problem of agricultural and rural environmental pollution increases such as abuse of use of inorganic fertilizers, pesticides. P development of aquaculture in many places is spontaneous, not suitable with the planning and not meet the requirements of environmental protection; Lack of regulations on the collection and treatment of animal waste; Water pollution in irrigation system shows signs of increasing ...
The main cause is low awareness and responsibility of producers on environmental protection; Inadequate investment in environmental protection. The enforcement of environmental legislation is not strictly enforced; The management system is inadequate, most of them are part-time. In addition, the environmental criteria in the construction of new rural areas are still not suitable content of the conditions of the region, or not specific. The bar, environmental inspection has not been paid much attention ....

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