Prospects for raising ducks in Long An

: Wednesday - 15/02/2017 10:20  |  Viewed: 1508
Households participating in the duck and duck stock evaluation model developed very well, with high disease resistance, suitable with local livestock conditions, reaching the rate of survival of over 90%.

In order to diversify ducks suitable for brackish water and saltwater at the same time apply the process of raising biosecurity, Long An Agricultural Extension Center has implemented "PT and duck breeding Sea "by the Center for Research and Development of Poultry Breeding VIGOVA lead from the project of the National Center for Agricultural Extension.
The model of breeding duck and duckling PT initially effective
The model was implemented in Tan Trach commune (Can Duoc district) and Duc Tan commune (Tan Tru district) with a scale of 8,000 ducks a day with 10 farmers participating, an average of 800 individuals / household. Of which, 5 households participating in Tan Trach commune cultivate ducks. In Duc Tan commune, there are 3 ducklings and 2 ducklings. Like PT and duck ducks, the Center for R & D of VIGOVA provides 100% of breeding stock.
Households participating in the project will be provided with feed aid, farm sterilisers, antibiotics and vaccines and will be trained in biological safety techniques. Technical solutions to nourish commercial ducks, prevent disease, use biological products to treat waste in livestock as well as guide record keeping duck records until delivery.
The results from the model show that the participating households fully meet conditions on facilities, breeding facilities and grazing ponds in line with the technical contents and procedures of the project and capital investment. In line with the modeling requirements. Record keeping for survival rate, weekly gain from 4 weeks to sales, daily feed intake, preventative veterinary costs and treatment during breeding. Especially ducks are good in coastal areas around the year with salt water and brackish.
In terms of economic efficiency, households participating in the duck and duck variety evaluation model developed very well, with high disease resistance, suitable with the local livestock conditions, reaching the survival rate of over 90%. Ducks at 10 weeks of age reach a minimum of 2.7 - 2.9 kg / head, consuming 1kg of weight gain 2.7 to 2.9.

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