Raising pigs 500 million dollars

: Monday - 21/11/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1221
Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong from Trung hamlet, Don Nhan commune, Song Lo mountainous district (Vinh Phuc) specializes in breeding pigs. Taking advantage of the area of ​​500m2, Cuong made breeding cages quite well.

There are 40 sows and 150 pigs in the cage. Number of pigs for sale partly to sell part of the pigs into commercial pigs. Patting for more than 5 months (155-160 days), pigs reach over 100kg. With the average price at the cage 45,000 VND / kg, except for expenses, the profit is about 500 million VND / year.

Enlisted in 1986, released in 1989, Nguyen Van Cuong back home, farming. At that time in the countryside there was a movement of raising livestock, doing the garden economy, but also sparse, small.

Cuong began to cook the will to get rich from breeding. And he focused on learning about sow farming. Almost the first to raise local sows. But it was not until 2007 - 2008 that Mr Cuong really invested in the sow field.

You have come up with a way to make an iron cage for sows. Thanks to the floor, both save area and safe for both mother pig and piglets. Calculating each floor can save 50% of the normal area.

The breeding model of Nguyen Van Cuong is being replicated in Don Nhan.

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