Raising wild boar online for Tet. Half year advance booking, hourly visit

: Wednesday - 30/11/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1140
This year, many families spend VND6-7 million to raise wild boars online, instead of having to cross the stream as hunting. Farmers just sit at home, turn on the camera is able to monitor the whole process of eating and bathing of pigs until they grow up to catch meat.

As a fan of the intestines of wild boar, Bui Le Bach Phuong in Ngu Nhu Kon Tum (Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi) shared, wild boar meat, sweet meat, crispy crust and most importantly clean meat. Worry about lean substance and weight gain. However, her family only dared to buy a couple of times, each about half a pound because the price of wild boar was three times more expensive than ordinary pork.
For example, thigh meat, shoulders, buttocks, wild boar feet are often 300,000 VND / kg, the cheapest meat is 200,000 VND / kg, ... Meanwhile, wild boar is not available, some days.
So, in order to have the wild boar eat during the Lunar New Year without having to consider, calculate the expensive, in mid September, she has raised a wild boar online.
"Farming is simple, just buy breeding pigs, pay remuneration and food for the farm. The visit to the tent is about the camp, or sit the camera to monitor the whole process of raising animals. When you like to eat, pig meat, "Phuong breeze.
Similarly, Tran Trung Hieu from Tran Dang Ninh (Cau Giay, Hanoi) also said that despite living in high-rise apartments, he still raised two wild boars for Tet.
He said, in June, during a web surfing, he accidentally saw the service put up breeding wild boar online. Find out carefully, this model is quite good so he put two children up for Tet. He anticipates, one will spend to celebrate with the company, and one to let his family celebrate Tet.
According to Hieu, the price of self-raised wild pigs compared to pork bought outside is not much cheaper. However, because of the supervision throughout the breeding process, he was extremely assured about the quality.
"Really, since I was raising pigs, I opened the camera every day. It is free to see how pigs are raised, eat vegetables, bran, bath, etc. Last weekend, I am on a trip to the farm with their eyes watching them eat, run " . Mr. Hieu shared, now he can sit shaking thigh wait until the New Year meat pigs.
Talk to PV. VietNamNet, Nguyen Huy Du, owner of an online pig farm in Thach That (Ha Noi), said that he has just opened a wild boar service online for half a year, but the number of reservations is very high, especially Keep up with the coming Tet.
He said that the service of raising wild boar is quite simple, customers need just call to set up. Pigs will be coded so that buyers can keep track of the process. Customers only pay food for pigs by month or quarter. It is estimated that within 4-5 months, the total amount of money spent about 6-7 million per child and collected a heavy pig from 25-30kg.
Forest pig food is mainly green leafy vegetables, banana stems, potatoes, grasses and medicinal plants (giant tea leaves, emerald, violet, black ginseng, black ginseng and pot bellies). ). Average pigs increased about 3 kg / month, when harvesting 25-35 kg weight hog, when the meat percentage rate of 70-80%.
"During the farming process, pig owners can visit the farm at any time, or can open the camera sitting at home watching 24/24," Du said. Due to the high demand for F1 F1 wild boar is not enough for customers.

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