Re-breeding after Lunar New Year's Day. Farmers "sitting on fire"

: Tuesday - 28/02/2017 10:20  |  Viewed: 2379
According to the rule, after the Lunar New Year, the country's farmers focus on repopulation. However, in 2016, the fluctuating market prices, the continuous decrease has a great impact on the income of people, especially for the spontaneous producers. So far, many households still like " sit on fire " When only buy the breed.
Price increases but still losses
Since January, the price of poultry eggs has been continuously decreasing, many households have suffered heavy losses so they have limited control. Mr. Dang Dinh Loc in Dai Yen commune (Chuong My, Ha Noi) sadly said that poultry eggs are priced from VND1,100 to VND1,200 per fruit, people lose VND100-200 per fruit. The day the farm lost tens of millions of dong.
In common mood, Nguyen Tien Tuyen in Dai Yen commune (Chapter America) said, usually every year, from the full moon in February, egg prices began to rise, but this year, the situation is difficult to predict because of the supply of similar For abundance. Meanwhile, avian influenza is appearing in places, so the farm is also cautious, re-herding the number by only 50% in 2016, even many small livestock farms "hang" the cages.
Similarly, pig households also suffer from chronic losses and many households go bankrupt. Mr. Nguyen Tien Hau in Thanh Oai district said that last year the family raised 80 pigs, a loss of nearly 100 million, now the price of live pig increased more than 10,000 VND / kg compared with the Lunar New Year, but still not profitable. . Many households have not dared to relapse to fear for further losses.
Nguyen Trong Long, owner of a farm in Tan Oat Commune (Thanh Oai), said that the farm is raising 3,700 commercial pigs, with an average of 700 pigs per month. At the current 36,000 VND / kg pig price, the farm is losing nearly 300 million VND / month. "Moreover, with 400 sows, each litter produced hundreds of piglets. At this time, the price of pigs is very cheap, from 800,000 to 900,000 VND / 8kg, 50% lower than in 2016 but people do not buy back, "- said Long.

People should not be so bewildered
Deputy Director of the Department of Livestock Development (MARD) Nguyen Xuan Duong said that this year, the resettlement of households is very slow, only 40% -50% of the total herd compared to every year. The reason is that prices are low and farms are still abundant. Not only that, high feed prices also make people more reserved in repopulation. It is forecasted that in 2017, the livestock sector will face many difficulties in terms of size, breeds, food prices, veterinary drugs ...
However, the Department of Animal Husbandry recommends that farmers should not be too bewildered, so choose the appropriate pets, avoid raising the focus at the same time susceptible traders to price. At the same time, the State continues to have policies to support people such as: preferential loans, land rent reduction, support vaccination prevention ...
In addition, localities should develop livestock oriented, not spontaneous development in the trend to limit supply over demand; Encourage capable enterprises to invest in industrial breeding, applying high technology of breeding animals and advanced equipment. Remarkably, localities have effectively implemented the model of development along the chain link breeding - slaughtering - consumption of products.
At the same time, the State creates favorable conditions for enterprises to participate in the production chain model, providing cool meat and frozen meat to ensure food safety. Enterprises need to dynamically set up chains with distribution channels for supermarkets and convenience stores.
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