Science and Technology Dept. - Report on the performance of the September missions and the implementation plan of October 2016

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The Planning and Technical Division reports the results of the September missions and the implementation plan for October 2016.


1. The direction of the Board:

In September, the head of the Department has focused on directing and executing a number of key tasks as follows:

- Meetings of the specialized and professional sections on appraisal and expertise.

- Meeting on QSEAP, CRSD, LCASP, LIFSAP, VNSAT, Central Highlands and Central Highlands.

- A meeting on capital regulation in 2016.

- A meeting to announce the CRSD Project Inspectorate, MNPB inspection meeting.

- Organize the commendation meeting of the sport delegation of the Board.

- Attend a briefing session on basic construction work at MARD.

- Attend the conference of VNSAT project in Dak Lak.

- Organizing the inspection mission for CRSD project in Soc Trang, Ca Mau, Kien Giang; MNPB project in Bac Giang province, Vinh Phuc; VNSAT project in the Central Highlands provinces.

2. Regarding the implementation of travel documents:

In September, Ban received a total of 130 documents to and issued 207 documents, out of the documents issued by the Board have:

+ There are 23 decisions: Division: TCHC (8); TCKT (4); Science: (7); QLTV (4)

+ There are 50 advisory documents of 4 Divisions;

+ The project issued 134 documents.

3. Performance results of the main departments:

* Organization and Administration:

- Working with the MARD staff inspection mission.

- Review of regulations on organization and operation manual and project implementation manual.

- Work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on the work of archives Records, documents for the Department.

- Prepare and finalize the inspection report on PAR in the first nine months of the year.

- Prepare report materials for the delegation to inspect the emulation and reward work of the PMUs.

- Report on the third quarter of PAR.

- Coordinate the consultants to prepare to apply ISO 9001-2015 to the Board.

- Make salary conversion into rankings / titles.

- Prepare relevant documents for ISO training.

- Updating and reporting on labor time with the fingerprint of the Board.

- Carry out repair and procurement of some equipment for the Office of the Board of Agriculture Project Management.

- Coordinate with the Ministry's Office to settle monthly service expenses of the whole Board.

- Implement office management, meeting room management to ensure the landscape, order, safety, fire prevention, health and environmental hygiene in the agency.

* Department of Planning - Engineering:

- Advise on the application of the subproject "Upgrading of Dong Nai fishing port, Phu Yen province" and supplementing the subproject "Upgrading Infrastructure for Research Institute for Aquaculture II" CRSD project.

- Consider and submit to the Commission for approval the allocation of ODA disbursement targets for 2016 - Low Carbon Agriculture Support Project.

- Consider and submit to the Ministry for approval additional Contractor Selection Plans. Part of the work done by the Central Project Management Board LCASP.

- Review and submit to the Ministry for approval the tasks of 02 technical support units of the VNSAT project.

- Examining and evaluating the results of bid evaluation of the bidding package. Repairing and upgrading the system of irrigational canals between Tra Noc irrigation river, Ha Tinh province.

- Adjust and regulate the allocation of the development investment capital for 2016 projects.

- Participate in the review of the 2016 plan and the 2017 plan of the projects under the Management Board of the agricultural projects to submit to the Ministry of capital arrangements.

- Evaluation of equipment bidding packages: In September, the evaluation section of 6 bidding packages, in which 04 packages have been submitted to the head for approval; 02 packages are under evaluation.

- Join the mission in Bac Giang province (MNPB project). (See Appendix 2 attached).

* Financial Accounting:


- There are opinions on cost estimation / comments on bidding results for 06 packages (THMT, VNSAT and CRSD); Processing 01 package. (See Appendix 3 attached).

- Continue to coordinate with the Finance Department on the cost accounting of the CPMUs in 2015 (CRSD, CEM, HT, LIFSAP).

- Hold meeting to review the work in September/2016 and plan for the fourth quarter 2016.

- Examine the work of Central Highlands Infrastructure and Environment Project and issue official dispatches to guide the provincial People's Committee.

- Coordinated with localities to complete the post-MNPB inspection procedures and completed the state audit of the MNPB project.

- Check with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to inspect the CRSD project.

- Shortcomings of the LIFSAP Project Inspector have been summarized and reported to the Ministry for the handling of bankruptcy contractors, completion of the final settlement report of the project.

Existence, restriction, cause

- The task of verifying the settlement of 2015 in some Central PMUs is still slow. By the end of September, the Finance Department has just completed the basic verification work. Cause due to the Department of Finance not enough personnel to arrange timely verification.

- The project asset handling of the QSEAP and LIFSAP project ends slowly. The department and the project lacked the initiative to implement the results not satisfactory, although the density of inspection work, PPMU guidance but effective low.

* Division of Management and Planning:

- The evaluation of consultancy packages:

In September, the department assessed and consulted 24 consultancy packages, including 9 completed bidding packages, appraising 9 bidding packages for the project to be sent to donors. Considering or explaining, the 6 packages of Lifesap project's call for expressions of interest have completed the appraisal and report to the leaders of the Board. (See Appendix 4 for details.)

- Acceptance test:

During the month, the department participated in the acceptance of 02 products of LCASP project and LIFSAP project. According to the regulations of the Board, the department will only take part in the acceptance of the product of the consultant without taking part in checking the time sheets of the consultant.

- New project development:

Follow up on the progress of new projects such as JICA 5 and potential ADB and WB loan projects (aquaculture, food hygiene and new rural areas). Promotion of new project construction.

- Other activities:

+ In collaboration with the International Cooperation Department, the Ministry of Planning and Investment has completed the announcement of the focal and professional agencies as instructed in Directive 3029 / TT-BNN-XD;

+ Coordinate with Department of Administrative Organization to review the approval of PIM, PAM, POM manual of projects under the Board;

+ Coordinate with Department of Administrative Organization to develop and promulgate Fingerprint Time Attendance Regulations for time-based contracts, including personal consulting and LIC consultancy of projects under the Department;

+ Reviewing, synthesizing and evaluating the selection, management and quality of consultancy products in the second and third quarter of 2016 in the projects under the department. The department has sent a report to the head of the steering committee and held a briefing session on consultancy activities on September 27,

+ Appraising and determining the unit has the capacity and experience to implement the package of consultancy for construction and application of quality management system TCVN ISO 9001-2015 standards of the Management Board of agro projects industry.

II. Next plan:

4. Disbursement results in September/2016:

* Plan for 2016:

Total 1,702 billion, of which: ODA is 1,662 billion, counterpart fund is 40.6 billion. Specific:

- The projects of capital construction is 1.434.6 billion (ODA capital is 1.400 billion);

- The administrative and non-business projects are VND 267.7 billion (ODA: VND 261.7 billion).

The Ministry of Planning and Investment of the state budget in Official Letter No. 801 / BNN-KH dated 28/1/2016: Total 1,434.6 billion, of which: ODA capital is 1.400 billion, central counterpart fund 34.6 billion;

Accumulation from the beginning of the year to the end of September was VND1,302 billion, of which ODA was VND1,269 billion, equivalent to 76% of the plan (of which 80% was for capital construction projects and 57% for non-tax administrative projects).

Cumulative disbursements from the beginning of the year to the end of September were 1,092 billion, of which ODA was 1,073 billion, reaching 64% of the plan (of which 66% of capital construction projects and 53% of administrative and non-business projects).

(See Appendix 1 attached).

5. Regarding the review and adjustment of the 2016 plan of the following projects:

- The need to supplement the plan: 466 billion, of which ODA: 446 billion, reciprocal 20 billion.

(See Appendix 2 attached).


1. The disbursement plan for October is VND 276 billion, of which ODA capital is VND 256 billion, central counterpart fund is VND 20 billion.

2. Administrative Organization Department:

- Adjusting the regulation on the organization and operation of on-going projects;

- Implement contracts related to the application of ISO 9001-2015;

- Carry out repair and procurement of some equipment for the Office of Management of Agricultural Projects;

-Implement the office management, meeting room management to ensure the landscape, order, safety, fire prevention, health and environmental hygiene in the agency.

3. Department of Planning and Technology:

- Complete the regulations on the order of elaboration, appraisal and approval of the overall training plan and annual training plan;

- Continue to review and adjust the 2016 plan for projects;

- Submit the Ministry of Planning and Investment (ODA) for 2016 for projects under the Department;

- Strengthen working delegations to inspect and supervise the bidding and quality control of works at key projects according to the plan already approved and approved by the head.

4. Department of Finance and Accounting:

- Continue to coordinate with the Finance Department to verify the finalization (QSEAP) and approve the minutes of the final settlement of costs for 2015 of the CPMUs (MARD, MPI, LIFSAP, CRSD) Central;

- Organizing the implementation of financial accounting inspection at the Central PMU and localities according to the approved plan;

- Coordinate with the Ministry Inspectorate on CRSD Project Inspectorate;

- Coordinate with the MNPB project to urge the PPMUs to fully and promptly implement the recommendations of the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the State Audit;

- Continue to speed up projects on disbursement.

5. Division of Environmental Management and Construction:

- Carrying out appraisal of consultancy packages according to regulations and accelerating the progress;

- Continuing the Chief of Advisory Board on management consultancy activities;

- Continue to monitor the progress of new projects (JICA 5) and potential projects with ADB and WB loans (fishery, food hygiene and new rural areas);

- Propose the development of an internal regulation on the selection and management of consultants for programs and projects on the basis of current regulations of Vietnam and donors.

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