Success from dairy farming

: Monday - 19/09/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1317
For the first time raising dairy cows, he encountered many difficulties from milking, to prevention, treatment, food rations ... but with the determination to change his life from dairy cows, Find out from the experience of self-tinkering to buy technical books to watch and regularly learn from local dairy farmers as well as Hoc Mon and Cu Chi districts, to households in the provinces such as Binh Duong, ... to learn experience.

After 16 years trying not only to learn and research, but with the support of the local departments, from the capital and technical care, he has gradually succeeded with the model of raising animals. nail. He was assisted by the Department of Animal Health on disease prevention techniques and, fortunately, was supported technically by the Agricultural Extension Center in Ho Chi Minh City, participating in the demonstration of mechanized demonstration in cattle raising. Milk, milking machine, automatic sprinkler system, grass shredder, mixer ...), so far his family has 35 dairy cows, with 12 milking. At the current purchase price of Vinamilk, after deducting expenses, his family's average monthly income is over 7 million dong, in addition he planted 10,000 square meters of grassland and raised 8 yellow cows.
At the end of 2013, he and the dairy farmers set up the Xuan Hoa Cooperative, with the help of Vinh Loc A Commune People's Committee, Binh Chanh Binh Tan Station. Since then, he and the members gradually regained the balance in breeding. Another advantage is that the Xuan Hoa Cooperative has been introduced by the District Agricultural Extension Station. The Dai Hung Feedmill Company provides food in the process of raising livestock to reduce the cost and high economic efficiency. Up to now, Dai Hung cattle feed has supplied nearly 150 tons to the cooperative group members which are cheap at nearly 5% compared to feed of the same kind and quality equivalent to other feed companies, contributing to Stabilize the price of raw materials for dairy cattle and members enthusiastically respond.
With the dynamism, as well as the spirit of high determination, Huynh not only enrich the family, but also regularly help members, technical guidance dairy farmers and farmers. It is also from his good breeding model that has attracted farmers to study and replicate the dairy cow development model in the locality increasingly stable and diverse.

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