The first clean-meat farm in Binh Dinh

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Long ago, three young Pham Vo Van Phap, Vo Thai Long and Ho Lam Xuan Huong cherished the idea of ​​building a breeding farm "3 no": No smell, no dirty, no waste ...

In the early days of the new year, there are two pork and chicken products on the market for cattle meat in Binh Dinh, with bar codes so consumers can extract the origin, labeled "Food Clean Thai Long "protected by the National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology).
This is the product derived from one of the three ideas won the first prize "Idea of Binh Dinh startup in 2016" by three young people in Hoai An district.



Cage bedding is the place where microorganisms grow, they will destroy all the waste of livestock so there is no odor.
Long ago, three young Pham Vo Van Phap, Vo Thai Long and Ho Lam Xuan Huong cherished the idea of ​​building a "3 no" breeding farm: No smell, no dirty, no waste; The high-quality closed-loop bio-model adopts EM technology.
By the beginning of 2016, the idea of ​​three young people was implemented in Nghia Dien village, An Nghia commune (Hoai An district), a land of wild, pigs with the scale of 20ha. The "3 no" farm was built close to the 200 pigs and 3,000 chickens. Especially, this farm has no waste treatment system but still has no odor; The ground floor, covered with a layer of foam and all three of its owners have not reached the age of 30.



From stocking to not having a bath, but still growing well

One of the three owners of the farm, Pham Vo Van Phap, explained: "This farm is based on EM technology. This formula is very simple with rice husks, sawdust, rice bran and EM probiotic mix well until fermented, then put on the floor, put pigs in the farm without fear of stench. This is modern, advanced breeding technology. This technology, in addition to quality meat, also addresses the problem of environmental pollution that is currently causing livestock producers and the "headache" industry.


According to the French, two key issues in EM technology are food processing for pigs, chickens and waste treatment. Therefore, in the 20 hectare farm, young people spend 5 hectares to plant medicinal plants and corn, rice noodles and rice for animal feed. After harvesting, the ingredients were incubated with EM probiotics to treat fermentation, supplemented with native protein from homemade vermi- Eat this food source, big pets like blowing without the use of industrial feed or antibiotics

Self-made, nutritious feeds for pets

"In addition, we also researched, combined with some other clean food to make the best formulation from EM preparations," said French.
In particular, pigs are raised in this farm from stocking to finishing without having shower. Vo Thai Long "secret": "The secret lies in the bioreactor has been through the incubation process and thoroughly treated with bio-preparations EM. After fermentation, the cage floor is where the microorganism grows, which will destroy all animal waste. Livestock dung is kept composted with EM to fertilize crops. The results showed that the growth rate and reproduction rate of livestock increased, reduced mortality rate, and early weaning time. In particular, the stables reduce bad smell, no disease, good environmental protection ".



The idea of three young people was honored at the "Idea of Binh Dinh startup in 2016"

Up to this point, apart from selling through traders and distributing in Tam An food store (Quy Nhon city), young people also stand out shop products in Nguyen Thai Hoc street (Quy Nhon city). And in Hoai An district.
"In 2017 we will seek investment to improve machinery, equipment, automatic feeder lines, hatcheries, lighting to increase the herd, master breeding, to produce eggs; At the same time, development of "satellite" breeding households in Hoai An to support technology and stable product output, "Pham Vo Van Phap said.

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