There are 3 outbreaks of H5N1 avian influenza in Nghe An

: Thursday - 25/08/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 994
In the morning of 24/8, information from Dang Van Minh - Deputy Director of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Nghe An said that after the actual inspection, the unit has delineated, the three outbreaks of H5N1 avian influenza on Province.

Accordingly, the poultry show tearful, feathery and dying in the chickens and ducks of three households in Nghi Van, Nghi Cong Nam (Nghi Loc) and Nghi Kim Bay). Seeing that, people have reported to the authorities to find a solution.
Received information, Department of Agriculture, veterinary stations in Nghi Loc district and Vinh City have checked and reported to the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Nghe An province to take samples on the duck body for testing.
Through the test results showed positive poultry H5N1 influenza. So far, the total number of infected poultry and the number of birds exposed to the H5N1 influenza in these two provinces have been destroyed by almost 2,300. The cause of the epidemic is that the poultry flocks of households have not been vaccinated against bird flu.
The results of active surveillance show that the prevalence of avian influenza in poultry is very high (H5N6 strain 22.9%, H5N1 strain 27%). Nghe An Veterinary Sub-Department has supplied more than 100 liters of chemicals, more than 50,000 doses of vaccine to two localities for injection in poultry and epidemic areas.
In addition to asking the people to clean the cages, disinfection disinfection, the local authorities appear H5N1 outbreaks also prohibit the transportation, sale and slaughter of cattle to other areas, avoid spread to large areas and Affects human health.
Right after, Nguyen Xuan Duong (Chairman of Nghe An People's Committee) sent the message to the Chairman of the People's Committee of 21 districts, cities and towns; Directors of departments, departments and provinces to implement measures to prevent and combat H5N1. To timely control outbreaks, minimize the damage caused by avian influenza.

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