TP. HCM detected 128 cases of banned substances in breeding

: Wednesday - 24/08/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1085
In the last 8 months, TP. HCM has discovered 128 / 1,301 samples of banned substances in livestock beyond the allowed threshold.

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development HCM has reported on the results of agricultural production and rural development in the first eight months of 2016, notably the work of food safety in the area.
Specifically, in the inspection and sampling, in August 145 samples were taken for analysis of food safety indicators (47 samples of vegetables, 18 samples of prohibited substances in breeding and 80 samples of aquatic products. ); The cumulative 8 months take 2,285 acres (including 457 acres of vegetables, 1,301 acres of livestock and 527 acres).
The results were 140 / 2,285 samples in excess of the permitted level (of which 06/457 samples of vegetables detected pesticide residue, 128 / 1,301 samples of banned substances in breeding exceeded the permitted level, 06/527 samples Prohibited amount of banned chemicals.
In August, the Department issued 90 certificates to businesses, establishments (in which 16 fields of cultivation, animal husbandry 8 Establishments and fisheries 66 establishments); Accumulated eight months 1,215 certificates for enterprises, establishments (of which the field of cultivation 104 establishments, breeding 593 establishments and fisheries 518 establishments).
Regarding the inspection and handling of violations, in August, the Department sanctioned 30 cases (raising 16 cases and fishery 14 cases); The cumulative eight months sanctioned 200 cases (cultivating 08 cases, raising 141 cases and seafood 51 cases), with the amount of about 1.1 billion.

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