Unique Giant Chicken, 'King of the Chickens'

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This "giant" chicken breed named Brahma is universally recognized as "the king of chickens" because of its super-heavy weight. In particular, their fur covered the body to the toes, looking like a unicorn.

Recently, people playing chickens in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong raised the movement of breeding giant "chicken" imported from France, England has a friendly character. The giant "Brahma" chicken breed has been internationally recognized as the "king of chickens" because of its super-heavy weight of 9-12kg / man and 7kg / hen. In particular, the feathers of the chicken covered the body down to the toes, looking like a unicorn.

An adult chicken is an adult unicorn tens of millions of dollars but still the chicken in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong welcome.

Le Ngoc Phuoc, a chicken farm owner in Ha Huy Giap Street, District 12, said he has raised and breed chicken for nearly five to six years. Initially he tried with the type of chicken, but over a period of time due to many farmers, he switched to a giant unicorn chicken.

Photo: Thanh Sa

"At first I imported from France 6 pairs of chickens, the price of nearly 15 million / pair to support. This chicken is big, beautiful appearance, the two main colors are gray ash or gray with white, the males are yellowish white, yellow banana, "said Phuoc.

According to Phuoc, this bird produced eggs for the Paris market in the early twentieth century. Traveled to Vietnam for more than a year, mainly for purchase as a pet, although this breed abroad is dedicated to eggs and meat. Currently, Phuoc owns two chicken farms in district 12, a camp to breed the rest of the garden area wider to drop chickens.

Unicorn chickens have the advantage of adapting to the harshest weather, strong resistance and less disease, so they are favored by domestic breeders. This breed has a super-heavy weight, rooster can weigh up to 10kg / hen, hen 7kg / hen. Worth mentioning, chicken price is quite varied from several million / chicken breed 1 to 3 months to tens of million / adult chickens, depending on the color.

Unicorn chickens have very nice and clawed claws

As observed by the PV, the unicorn has a wide spread of beard on the sides of the cheeks, pores and five toes on each foot like human feet, not the normal chicken with only three fingers. Although still an egg-laying breed, it has been raised for breeding purposes. Hens of common color are brown and cream white. Black males, black hair, brown, dry banana color ...

Hens have light brown coat, hatch eggs well in winter. Smooth Brahma Bravo and easy to be bullied if kept together with other breeds.

According to Phuoc, this particular chicken breed has become a popular breed of chickens in French, English, Dutch. But nowadays, this breed is being used for a variety of purposes, especially suitable for egg production, meat processing and especially for pet food.

Brahma chicken imported from England is a beautiful banana yellow

As the farm owner raising hundreds of unicorn chicken in Tan Binh ward, Di An town (Binh Duong province), Mr. Phan Minh Hong said, he began to breed chickens more than 2 years, whether New chicken breed, but the market is very fond of Vietnam. His farm multiplies how much sold out, sometimes "burning".

Each week, Mr. Hong's family hatches about 5,000 eggs. "Mostly unicorn chicken eggs are imported from the Netherlands through the air to the farm and then hatched into breeding hatches to provide customers with reservation for about 600,000 VND / 1 month old chicken.", Mr. Hong shared.

Photo: Thanh Sa

At present, his farm is selling the unicorn chicken at about 25 million VND / pair and under 10kg / head. Most of the buyers are families who have the opportunity to organize festivals, parties and parties. soup.

Brahma is a large chicken breed originating in the United States but originating in China. They are a staple in the US from 1850 to 1930. Dubbed the "Prince of the Chickens," it is famous for its hairy legs and large weights up to 18kg.

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