Binh Dinh - To improve the efficiency of biogas works. Need to follow the right process

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According to the Central Low Carbon Project Management Board (LCASP), there are two types of farm household biogas plants used in the LCASP project, namely the reinforced concrete biogas works. Fixed cap and biogas works are made of composite.

A household in An Nhon town uses gas from the biogas plant for cooking.

To work effectively, users need to manage well and operate the project properly. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the initial feed material (mixture of water and waste) once up to the bottom of the regulating tank (level 0). The amount of waste refilled into the works is determined based on the volume of the works. Waste can be collected up to 10 days before loading.

Next, diluting and mixing the material, facilitating the process of decomposition occurs more favorable. For waste (animal faeces + urine), the dilution ratio is 2 - 3 liters of water per kg of waste depending on the level of diluted or solid material. Diluted water is fresh water not too alkaline or acidic; Lake water and natural ponds are better than tap water. If there is water in the dilution pond, the diluted water should be adjusted so that the material reaches the appropriate water content.

The next step is to load the material (it is possible to load the material through both the entrance and the exit and the entrance), as quickly as possible. When loaded, if the lid is hermetically closed, it is necessary to open all the air valves so that the air in the building can escape, without causing too big pressure to crack and break the building. Feed the plant material first and then dump the animal waste.

Initial loading should be done quickly in a day. In order to ensure that the works are fast and sufficiently designed, the initial load should be at least 50% of the design.

Once finished loading, cover the building and close the air lock to create an anaerobic (no oxygen) environment for the decomposition process. Note, the low metal component is initially unburned and has a very unpleasant odor. It is necessary to rinse the exhaust gas three or three times by turning it on again 2-3 times; Then, fire in the kitchen. If flammable gas is usable.

Biogas flame is light blue, hard to see, so the user can cover the light to easily observe the flame when burning. The gas is much gas, flame weak, fluttering, easy to fly off the kitchen. Place the cooker on the stove when you try to limit the flames from the kitchen, making it easy to burn.

Depending on the type of material and the weather, there is a short waiting time for the gas generated after the first long loading - short difference. If using pig waste or bovine waste in hot weather, only a few dozen hours later, even a few hours later, there was a fire. Note, do not set fire to the end of the air duct for testing as there is a risk of explosion.

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