Biogas digesters # x3; How to maximize efficiency

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Biogas has brought many practical benefits, people are interested. However, many people still do not know how to use tunnel to maximize efficiency. The Bac Giang journalist interviewed Dr Bui The Hung, Ph.D., who coordinated the LCASP project on this issue.

The type of tunnel built popular today

Could you give an overview of current situation of using biogas in Bac Giang province today?

Along with the development of the economy, the livestock sector in Bac Giang province is also expanding. In the past, livestock farmers used to use waste in livestock production to directly serve agricultural production without any treatment. But since the early 2000s, people have started accessing biogas. However, access is still limited due to the lack of a model for efficient biogas digestion.
From 5 years ago, when the projects supporting the construction of biogas plants, especially the LCASP, were implemented in Bac Giang province, the construction of biogas plants Began to develop strongly with the participation of enthusiastic participation of the masses. Up to now, the province has built more than 27,463 family-scale biogas plants, of which the LCASP 2013 project has about 6,000 works.

In general, the application of biogas technology in animal husbandry has contributed to solving problems in livestock such as soil, water and air pollution, limiting diseases and protecting people's health. ; At the same time, saving fuel, reducing labor force for livestock farmers.

Sir, how many types of biogas plants? Which one works best?

There are currently 3 types of biogas plants: HDPE canvas, Composite and brick construction. Each tunnel has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the conditions and scale of each household. For example, with the type of HDPE cover, the lowest cost compared to other technologies (about 100 thousand - 300 thousand VND / m3); The construction is very fast, with the least trouble of operation, the high efficiency of waste treatment, high durability. This is the best tunnel available today.

Composite tunnels also have many advantages as the material has a very high water resistance, bending strength and tensile strength is much higher than normal materials. This type of cellar is small in area, easy to operate and maintain, suitable for small scale as the household using the garden-pond-pen model. However, the downside of this type of tunnel is that it does not utilize local materials and local labor. Size limitation should be limited in scope of application (less than 60 pigs); Import materials should be more volatile.

The most disadvantage is the type of brick tunnel. This type of tunnel is susceptible to subsidence, cracking, gas leakage, if not overcome to endanger the user. Moreover, for a long time due to the hot temperature should be acid erosion of the concrete surface is muddy, to make the inert gas leakage, the material must be loaded more and more often. Do not automatically break the scum, anaerobic fermentation is not optimal. However, this type of tunnel was selected by many households, especially KT1 and KT2 type construction because of local materials and local labor. Applicable to many livestock scales; Simple materials price up more stable.

Type of HDPE covered

What are the benefits of using biogas plants? Are there any limitations to fix?

There are three prominent advantages: economic, environmental and social benefits. As economic benefits: Biogas (biogas) can be used for cooking, lighting, running internal combustion engines (pumps, mills, generators ...). ), Even for drying tea, incubation, chicken coop, running refrigerator. In some developed countries, it is also used to drive cars and treat it as a renewable source of fuel that is safe for the environment. Biogas is also used to kill insects in preserving cereals or preserving fruits and vegetables for high economic efficiency. The use of biogas for cooking helps the household save all the monthly gas bills; In the case of biogas lighting for silkworm raising, cocoons are formed 4 to 6 days earlier, with better cocoon quality and 30% increase in yield. In addition, the use of biogas instead of gasoline, agricultural preservatives will save foreign currency imported fuel and chemical products from the outside.

Environmental benefits, such as biogas tanks are usually connected to toilets, breeding facilities, whole manure and water to be put into the tank to treat so it minimizes odor and development. Of mosquito flies. Improved effluent quality before being discharged into the environment due to the absence or absence of helminth eggs and pathogenic organisms. KSH also helps to treat high-organic waste such as waste and sewage; Waste from slaughterhouses, concentrated farms, brewers, sugar, paper, leather, canned goods, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, schools, restaurants ...

Biogas also brings about social benefits such as creating jobs for many people, especially in rural areas, unlocking the labor force for women and children from the kitchen. .

However, the tunnel also has some limitations such as with medium and large biogas reactors, when not used up and most of the gas is released into the environment. Or in the process of using non-compliance with the regulations can cause a number of incidents such as gas poisoning, fire safety ...

From the current situation, what do you recommend to people in the process of using biogas gas?

Biogas users need to install a full range of auxiliary equipment in the process of use such as pressure gauge, stove, gas filter, lamp ... Should check and maintain the general equipment and biogas equipment. bracelets. During loading process, impurities and toxins need to be disposed of in the digesters such as antibiotics, disinfectants, soaps, pesticides and so on. Pipes go through explosive places to prevent fire; When smelling the smell of KSH or detect open pipes need to lock the valve overall inspection and absolutely prohibit fire. Annually remove scum and shallow.

In particular, pay attention to the need to break down the tank, must comply with the following provisions: Remove and lift the lid exhaust the waste in the tank. Wait for the gas to escape, can blow air into the tank to push out, check the safety of the air by releasing the animal into the tank about 5-10ph, if the animal is alive then the person can . Down work must have followers and help. In case of gas asphyxia, promptly take the person who suffers from an airway, perform CPR and take the asphyxiated person to the nearest hospital.

Thank you Sir!

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