Mr. Nguyen Van Hai: High income thanks to the closed process

: Friday - 18/11/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1305
In recent years, when pig farming is precarious due to disease, market prices fluctuate, many farmers in Cai Lay district has been actively raising biosecurity and high profit. Typically, Mr. Nguyen Van Hai in Long Quoi hamlet, Ngu Hiep commune.

Visiting the cage system between the greenery of Mr. Nguyen Van Hai new method of doing business is sustainable. Each pigeonhole was labeled by the parent to track his or her origin, parity, health status, vaccination days, etc. Healthy pigs were the result of proper technical procedures and accumulated experience. Through many years of agility, hard working farmers.

Prior to 2000, Nguyen Van Hai raised small livestock for additional income. After a period of accumulated experience, farming techniques, in 2001, Mr. Hai invested in building stable farm and commercial breeding, starting with 20 breeding pigs and 150 pigs. For 15 years attached to breeding, Hai always know the problem: breeding + food + veterinary hygiene. Want to raise pigs effectively, high profits first of all must choose good, healthy breed.

Through newspaper and documentary research, he successfully applied artificial insemination methods for breeding pigs, active disease-free breeding in the family's cages. Large scale breeding, he regularly checked, well care for pigs, vaccination periodically to actively prevent dangerous diseases. In addition, he strictly enforced veterinary hygiene. The farmhouse is built separately from the house, the temperature of the stable is always kept dry and clean, the manure is processed through the biogas digester to create fuel for the family. Deceptively calculating and implementing biosafety in livestock, Mr. Hai limited the risk of market price fluctuations, disease outbreaks.

Currently, his cage system regularly maintains about 40 breeding pigs, from 250 to 300 porkers. Determined to work, he and his wife have conditions to build spacious houses, raising two children to study. For many years, he was voted as a typical good farmer at the provincial level.
Mr. Nguyen Van Hai is now the head of the Ngu Hiep Breeding Partnership with 21 members. The group was established for the purpose of exchanging experience, bringing together economic benefits from the commercial pig raising model, providing clean food sources to the market. In the process of implementing the National Target Program on Rural Construction (NTM), the Long Quoi Farmers' Union, Ngu Hiep Commune also encourages farmers to learn and apply closed processes such as Hai to raise income.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hai said: "Meet ups and downs but important that I persevere, determined to pursue the job. Thanks to raising animals, my family economy has improved, and I have been able to renovate 7 garden gardens into durian garden. With my relatives around here I am willing to share experiences for effective breeding. In my opinion, building NTM, the simplest is how to make farmers confidently enrich their land.

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