Project Progress Report from the beginning of the project to 30 June 2016 of Tien Giang Province PMU.

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The Management Board of the Project for Support to Lowland Agriculture of Tien Giang Province reports as follows:

I. Project Abstract:

1.1. Objectives of the project:

A) Long-term goal:

Contribute to enhancing the application of comprehensive management of agricultural waste by promoting the use of clean biogas energy and organic fertilizers. Improve the capacity of stakeholders by disseminating knowledge and skills on comprehensive management of agricultural waste to beneficiaries.

B) Specific objectives:

- Improve livestock waste management activities, waste by-products from biogas plants; Reduce environmental pollution; Create clean energy sources, bio-organic fertilizers and clean development mechanism (CDM) revenues.

- Strengthen the application of proven agricultural waste management technologies; Promote the use of renewable energy and microorganism fertilizers from agricultural waste; To replicate the application of waste management technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve livelihoods and quality of life of rural people.

- Capacity building for stakeholders and the dissemination of knowledge and skills in the application of low-carbon agricultural production technologies to beneficiaries.

1.2. Summary of expected results of the whole project implemented in Tien Giang Province by component:

2.1 Component 1: Livestock waste management

- Training of 900 farmers on comprehensive management of animal waste

- The project will support the construction / installation of 2,800 small-scale biogas plants, 10 medium-scale biogas plants, one large-scale biogas plant and the combination of price chain infrastructure Biogas treatment

- By 2018, training of 2,800 farmer households to build / install small-scale biogas plants, 36 mason builders, 25 technicians on construction, operation and environmental issues. Of small scale biogas works.

2.2 Component 2: Credit for biogas value chains

The Provincial Project Management Unit co-operates with two financial institutions, the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (VBARD) and the Cooperative Bank, for 2,811 households, the farm owners to borrow money for the construction of gas works. Biological and environmental items included.

2.3 Component 3: Transfer of low-carbon agricultural production technologies

- Two types of models are implemented: "Use of separator system to treat livestock waste as raw material for organic fertilizer production" and "Use of biogas generator. Farm ", then scaled to the community.

- Training for 2,100 farmers on low-carbon agricultural production.

II. General situation

Organizational structure:

The management board of Tien Giang LCASP has 8 staff including 01 director, 01 deputy director, 06 professional staff. Of these, 07 are part-time and 01 full-time.

2.2. General status of project activities:

2.2.1 Key Achievements:

- Training of 172 farmers on comprehensive management of animal wastes by worm raising and composting has been provided.

- Organizing information dissemination activities via radio and television and organizing 22 seminars and training for 870 farming households in the province to inform and educate farmers about the project. Biogas and support policy of the project.

- 2,261 (reaching 80.75% of the whole project plan) of small-scale biogas plant has been constructed / installed to solve environmental pollution in livestock.

- Financial support for 1,860 households to build / install biogas plants in the province.

- Maintain annual inspection of 10% of biogas plants constructed / installed. On July 30, 2016, 183 works were inspected.

- Selection / selection of the site and completion of the dossier sent to the Central Project Management Board LCASP proposed two models of low-carbon agriculture production: Model: "Use the separation system to process Livestock waste as a raw material for the production of farm-scale organic fertilizer "and" the use of farm-scale biogas generators ",

2.2.2 Main advantages in implementation:

- The attention of LCASP Central Project Management Board and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Tien Giang Province and local authorities.

- Staff involved in project implementation have experience in professional work and in project management and administration.

- The province has a team of technicians and small scale biogas builders who are experienced and skillful.

- Objective of the project is very practical, close, contributing to solving environmental pollution, improving the quality of life of people in rural areas should be the interest, consensus to participate.

2.2.3 Main difficulty in implementation:

- Cost of construction of biogas plant is large, so people have not bravely invested in building Biogas cellar.

- Some farmers have not paid much attention to the treatment of animal waste.

- The procedures for borrowing money from banks are difficult and cumbersome so people are afraid to access loans.

3. Latest Information:

3.1 Market Price:

- Pig prices ranged from 42,000 VND / kg to 47,000 VND / kg, ranging from 10% to 11%.

- Food price is about 135,000 VND / bag, up about 3% - 4%.

- Prices of construction materials for biogas plants (sand, stone, cement, composite ...) are relatively stable.

3.2 Trends in the number of participating households / organizations:

- Currently, in Tien Giang province, many livestock households have a breeding scale of less than 500 with 27,584 households. The number of households that have built Biogas cellar and are still in good use is 9,868 households. As a result, there are still 17,716 small scale households who have not built biogas plants (64% of the total). This is the main group causing environmental pollution in breeding in Tien Giang province. Therefore, the demand for construction of biogas plants in Tien Giang province is huge.

- In addition, more and more households expand the scale of breeding, the province has 564 households with the scale of over 500 children, the demand for construction of medium and large scale biogas plant is also very high.

- The regulations on animal husbandry waste management increasingly tight, the pressure of society to solve environmental pollution increasingly.

3.3 Changes in plans and effectiveness of provincial regulations:

- Pursuant to Decision 303 / QD-BNN-TC dated 25/01/2016 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development approving the revision of the overall plan for the project "Support to Low Carbon Agriculture" The People's Committee of Tien Giang Province issued Decision No. 1927 / QD-UBND dated 30 June 2016 approving the revision of the master plan for the project "Low Carbon Agriculture" Asia (ADB) in Tien Giang Province. Adjusted down from VND39,266 million (US $ 1,915,400) to VND28,152 million (US $ 1,279,623).

III. Progress under the component:

1. Component 1: Livestock waste management

1.1 Sub-component 1.1. Comprehensive management of animal waste and carbon market development

1.1.1 Activity 1: Development of training modules on the application of low-carbon agricultural production technology and training for monitoring and operation of the biogas value chain and Other stakeholders to apply and disseminate in the province.

- 06 training courses were organized for 172 farmers on methods of waste treatment in livestock raising by raising wormwood cassava and composting. Reach 100% of the plan in 2016 and reach 20% of the plan. This is a practical training content to help people treat waste in households without building a biogas tunnel or the amount of excess in the households that built Biogas cellar.

1.1.2 Activity 2: Standardization and dissemination of design packages for biogas.

+ Implementation of 22 training courses on biogas technology, animal waste management for 870 people, reaching 100% of the plan.

+ Conducted 4 live broadcasts on television and replayed with the topic "Benefit from biogas works".

+ To conduct three-quarters of the radio broadcasting programs on the radio stations of 11 districts, towns and cities to propagate the support for construction / installation of biogas plants.

+ Installation of 10 panels to propagate the construction / installation of biogas plants in the main trunk roads, near the People's Committees of communes, many people traveling in the province to increase the effectiveness of propaganda information. On construction / installation of Biogas tunnel to people.

+ Organize training and training for 2,100 households participating in construction / installation of biogas plants for the inspection and acceptance during the process of construction / installation and use, operation and maintenance. Biogas works.

+ Print 20,000 leaflets, 3,000 shirts and 3,000 helmets to propagandize and support the project in construction / installation of biogas works.

1.2 Sub-component 1.2. Support the development of biogas works

1.2.1 Activity 7: Supervise the operation of biogas plants with full environmental items.

+ Provided technical support and knowledge about monitoring and operating biogas plants to ensure safety in the process of using for 2,261 households to build / install small-scale biogas plants.

+ Have checked and accepted 2,261 biogas plants constructed / installed above.

+ Annual inspection of 183 works. Inspection works are of good quality, are operating well and are constructed / installed in accordance with the regulations of the project.

1.2.2 Activity 8: Training and certification for technicians, builders, engineers and contractors to support the construction of biogas plants.

+ Training of technicians: trained 15 technicians in the province. The technicians who passed the training were able to understand the technical requirements and regulations of the biogas project manual to support the people who need to build / Installation of biogas plant.

+ Mason training: trained 23 mason builders in the province. Through the training of mason know and implement the technical requirements of the project in the construction of biogas works and the attached items.

The provincial project management board has strictly followed the plan and has trained technicians and masons to meet the needs of building and checking the acceptance of small-scale biogas plants in the province. .

1.2.3 Activity 9: Financial support for biogas works.

- Financial support for 1,860 / 2,261 small-scale biogas plants under construction / installation.

It is expected that by the end of June 2017, 2,800 works will be completed.

- It is estimated that in June 2017, 10 medium-scale biogas plants will be constructed.

2. Component 2: Coordination activities with the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development and the Cooperative Bank in the implementation of credit loans.

PPMU coordinates with VBARD in providing information on supporting loans for construction / installation of biogas plants through activities such as propaganda, training, Bar on the radio, television ... but the number of households borrowing bank loans is limited.

* The main reason is the loan for construction / installation of small biogas tunnel, non-preferential interest rate (5-year loan with 8.1% interest rate). And must have collateral for the bank.

3. Component 3: Transfer of low-carbon agricultural production technologies.

3.1. Sub-component 3.1 .: Promoting low carbon agriculture

3.1.1 Activity 2: Establish information systems for low carbon agricultural production sharing.

The plan will implement this content in 2017 including the following activities: 2 direct talks, 02 news programs on television; 01 radio program on the radio district, town, city; 11 classes of workshops, propaganda training; Print 10,000 leaflets on low carbon agricultural production.

3.1.2 Activity 3: Training of researchers and extension workers on the effective application of low-carbon agricultural production technologies.

- One study tour was organized for 12 people including agricultural cadres, project officers and technicians of Tien Giang LCASP Project Management Board.

- The 2016 and 2017 plans will hold two study tours, exchange experiences to northern provinces for staff, project technicians and agricultural sector staff.

3.2. Sub-component 3.2. Building low carbon agriculture models

3.2.1 Activity 6: Development of livestock waste management models for agricultural production and greenhouse gas reduction.

Tien Giang is an agricultural province, accounting for nearly 80% of the total, of which the livestock sector has grown rapidly, ranking second in the region with over 602,000 pigs, 88,000 cattle and 8 Million children Over the past few years, the province has had many programs and projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but the quantity is limited so the polluting agents in the province are mainly concentrated in the livestock sector.

- At present, there are over 35% of pig households with the size of 500 heads in the whole province. Therefore, waste disposal is more difficult and polluting the environment.

Therefore, Tien Giang province has chosen to implement 02 models; "Use of separator system to treat livestock waste as raw material for organic fertilizer production" (05 models) and the model "Use of farm-scale biogas generator "(02 models).

3.2.2 Activity 7: Training of extension workers and farmers on low carbon agricultural production technologies

- In 2016, 20 training courses will be conducted for 600 people on low-carbon agricultural production technology in animal husbandry waste treatment combined with cultivation (Treatment of agricultural byproducts as biological pads, up Yeast for animal feed, ...).

4. Component 4: Project Management

4.1. Project management:

Make salary payments, project allowances and salary deductions for project staff with local counterpart fund with a total amount of VND 672,464,340. Regular expenditures from ADB are: VND 458,497,378.

4.2. Project monitoring and evaluation:

The project management board of LCASP in Tien Giang province has sent 01 staff to carry out project monitoring and evaluation. Quarterly synthesize timely, send reports to the Central Board.

4.3. Accountant:

Annually, the provincial management board is audited by an independent auditor. Throughout the audits, the Tien Giang Management Board generally performs well the accounting and financial reporting in accordance with the regulations of the Government of Vietnam and ADB.

4.4. Project reporting system:

Send staff to follow up, update data from districts, professional staffs of the project, quarterly update and send report to the Central Board in accordance with regulations.

IV. Safety measures:

1. Ensure environmental safety:

All project staff, technicians, masons and households constructing / installing biogas plants are trained on operation and maintenance of biogas plant to ensure safety and fire prevention. it.

2. Ensure social security:

3. Gender and Ethnic Minorities:

- The construction / installation of biogas plant in addition to solving problems of animal waste and reducing environmental pollution, gas for living (cooking, lighting, ...) It contributes to reduced working time for women.

- The provincial project management board encourages participants to participate in propaganda and training classes so that many women attend. Female participants in the training courses account for 40% of the participants.

V. Disbursement:

Total disbursements from the beginning of the project to 30/7/2016: 7,960,655,948 VND (equivalent to 370,262 USD). Include:

+ ADB capital: VND 7,288,161,908 (equivalent to USD 338,985).

+ Local reciprocal capital: 672,646,340 VND (equivalent to 31,227 USD).

FOR. Work plan in the coming time

- Maintain propaganda about the activities of the project

- Continue to implement 539 small-scale projects. Completed in June 2017.

- Organize the implementation of two models of low-carbon agricultural production in the treatment of farm-scale animal waste when approved.

- Organize farmer training on low carbon agricultural production

- Ensure the proper management of the project by law and donors.

VII. Conclude:

Tien Giang has implemented well the information dissemination activities and has implemented more than 80% of the project plan on small scale biogas construction and will complete the project plan in June 2017.

- Two low-carbon agricultural production models have been completed for farm-scale animal waste treatment.

- Ensure the proper management of the project by law and donors.

VII. Request

- The Central Project Management Board organizes study visits and workshops on low carbon agricultural production models so that the provinces can exchange and share experiences.

- Add 2,000 small-scale biogas tunnels to Tien Giang to meet people's demand for tunnels.

- Revise bank interest rates to be competitive and easy for people to access loans.

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