Quarter II Results Report and Implementation Plan of the Third Quarter 2014 Low Carbon Agriculture Support Project Ben Tre Province

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The Central Management Board of the Low Carbon Agricultural Support Project, Ben Tre Province Project Management Unit, reports the results of the second quarter and the implementation plan for the third quarter of 2014 as follows:


1. Component 1: Livestock waste management

- To formulate the Financial Plan and the Professional Plan in 2014 and submit it to the Central Project Management Board for approval as the basis for approval of the Director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Service.

- Organized the project implementation conference in the province with the participation of 59 representatives (including 13 women) representing the relevant provincial departments, agencies, people's committees / City, provincial radio and television coverage, propaganda about the project.

- Organized 09 conferences to introduce and introduce the project in districts / cities with the participation of 406 delegates (including 101 women) representing the related departments, committees and branches of the district. , People's Committees of communes throughout the province.

- Organized 01 workshop on technical guidelines for construction of biogas plants and set up test dossiers for technicians and builders participating in the project with 26 participants (including 07 women).

- Assign 10 technicians of the project (including 04 females) to the training course on comprehensive management of animal waste in Can Tho organized by the Central Project Management Board.

- Organized 01 workshops with 30 participants (including 07 women), technical staffs of the project, mason, agencies and related units for gas supplying companies. Composite biology introduces the product as the basis for the project selection board in the province.

- Based on the registration of the construction of the number of works by the districts in 2014, the Board advises the Department to develop a plan for assigning targets for the construction of small-scale biogas plant to the Agriculture Divisions and Rural Development / Economic Department of the city to implement in each area.

- Developing a plan, drafting contents and materials for the "Low Carbon Agriculture Support" project, and biogas technology for training to households.

- Technical support for the construction of biogas plants for households, up to now has built 454 small-scale biogas plants, and also compiled dossiers and procedures for acceptance of 110 works.

- Organized 12 training courses on biogas works in 10 communes, for nearly 250 households (including 80 women) have completed construction of small-scale biogas plant.

2. Component 2: Coordination activities with banks in the implementation of credit loans

Currently, there is no guideline and guidance from the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development and the Central Bank for Co-operation, so the branches in the province, district / city can not implement the development. Borrowing loans to households participating in the project to build biogas works.

However, the Provincial Project Management Unit has actively coordinated with the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development to remove difficulties, in the immediate advance from the loans for construction of biogas plant of QSEAP project. Remain to solve for households if there is a need to borrow.

3. Component 3: Transfer of low-carbon agricultural production technologies

There are no concrete guidelines so it is not yet implemented.

4. Component 4: Project Management Expenditure

- Salary and allowance for the Provincial Project Management Board (from January to July 2014): 74 million VND.

- Expenditures for the Provincial Project Management Board:

+ Expenses for conferences, training courses and seminars for project implementation: VND 60,000,000.

(Including: 01 project implementation meeting in the province, 09 project introduction meeting in districts ...)

+ Flight tickets for work trips organized by the Central Committee, working trip allowances: VND 50,000,000.

+ Office, electricity, water, telephone ...: VND 10,000,000.


By the end of July 2014, disbursed: 515,000,000. Inside:

- Support for households to build 97 biogas works: VND 291,000,000.

- Disbursement of Component 4 is: 194 million dong

- Disbursement of Component 1 (12 training courses on biogas works) is 30,000,000 VND.


- Implement the plan of the Provincial Project Management Unit in 2014, continue training for the households on the project of supporting low-carbon agriculture, consulting and guiding the construction registration procedures. works.

- Receiving registration, technical assistance for about 150 small-scale biogas plants and organizing the acceptance of completed works to provide financial support to households.

- To propose some models of low-carbon agriculture under the guidance of the Central Project Management Board


1. Advantages

- With the attention and guidance of the Central Project Management Board, the Directorate of the Department creates favorable conditions for the Provincial Project Management Board to carry out the work as planned in 2014, At the same time, the support of the departments, related units has created the time for officials and employees to take part in the project.

- The Central Project Management Board organized a training course on comprehensive management of waste in animal husbandry for technicians and helped technicians overcome technical difficulties for timely implementation in the province.

2. Difficult

- In the first stage, the Central Project Management Board has not fully guided in technical terms on the construction of biogas works; The financial institutions implementing the credit component from central to local banks have not yet implemented to support households to borrow capital for construction of works when there is a demand. Therefore, it affects the progress of construction of biogas plants.

- The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) has delayed the approval of the detailed financial plan for 2014 for the Provincial Project Management Unit, thus delaying the settlement of expenditures from the beginning of the current year, thus affecting the progress. Deployment and disbursement of the project.

The above are the results of the operation of the Provincial Project Management Unit in the second quarter and the plan for the implementation of the third quarter of 2014 project, to the Central Project Management Board, the Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Follow up, direct

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