Quot; talisman quot; To farmers in Soc Trang

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After nearly two years implementing the LCASP project, more than 1,270 biogas plants were built in Soc Trang.

Biogas digesters suitable for small scale livestock

Thousands of households in rural areas using biogas have confirmed that this is a utility project and the living environment is markedly improved. In Bau Cat hamlet, Hung Loi town, Thanh Tri district, many pig households have built biogas reactors. Among them, the family has more than a dozen pigs each year raising pigs. This year he raised 4 sows and 12 young pigs. He really confessed that pig waste before flowing into the ditch and then flow into the canal.
When the LCASP project was implemented, he was assisted to build a 9m3-thick composite biogas reactor with total installation cost of VND13.5 million, of which VND3 million was provided by the project and 10-year warranty was provided by the company. . After nearly 2 years of use, Mr. Cao praised the works very well, no gas. Using gas cooking rice, boiling water is very convenient. Especially no smelly smell in the neighbors disturbing. Visiting the model of composite technology has the same volume as the house of Mr. President, in September 2015 Lai Huu Xuan in Soc Xo village, Phu My commune, My Tu district also built biogas tunnel, 3 million from the project.
Over the past two months, Mr. Xuan said: "The waste treatment system for 4 dairy cows is not only handy, cleaned and cleaned but also saved about 300,000 VND / month. In terms of 4 years of use, it is equivalent to the initial investment, and in order to save, my house cooks rice from the gas from the biogas reactor instead of the electric cooker. Even so, the amount of gas remains, if opened shop will also carry more interest. "
Mrs. Quach Thi Phuong, his wife Nguyen Van Dien at Ta Diew village B1, Thanh Tan commune, Thanh Tri district raised 10 sows and pigs, was consulted by the project staff to build 7 m3 composite biogas reactor. After 3 months of use, Ms Phuong compares: "With biogas from nylon bags I used to do many years ago, installing more expensive composite tunnels, but the benefits are fast, neat, Moreover, after 2-3 years, it does not take a lot of effort to replace nylon bags. There are 3-4 households in the village also installed this type of tunnel. "
Small scale livestock waste disposal is suitable for rural households, while Soc Trang now has over 150 pig farms on an industrial scale. A farmer with a hundred pigs in Tai Van Commune, My Xuyen District, said: "Building a biogas reactor is the best solution in raising livestock to protect the living environment. My pig farm has built two biogas tanks of 40-60 cubic meters / cellar made of specialized plastics.Now I register with the project and wait for the consultant to choose appropriate technology to build a 20m3 "

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