Report on the results of the first quarter implementation and implementation plan of the second quarterly low carbon agricultural support project in 2016 Ben Tre province

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Project Management Board of Ben Tre province, report on the results of the first quarter and plan implementation of the second quarter of 2016 as follows:


1. Component 1: Livestock waste management

- Advise the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to develop a plan to allocate the number of small-scale biogas plants in 2016 to the districts and cities in the province with a total of 1,700 plants.

- Continue the construction and acceptance of small-scale biogas plants. Result:
+ Number of households registered for construction / installation: 479 works;
+ Built and installed: 478 works (KT2 type: 324, Composite: 154);
+ Organization acceptance: 307 works (type KT2: 224, Composite: 83).

- Plan and organize the inspection of existing biogas plants built in 2015.

2. Component 2: Coordination activities with banks in the implementation of credit loans
Currently the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development branches in provinces, districts / cities guide implementation to the people to lend money to build biogas plant is still slow.

3. Component 3: Transfer of low-carbon agricultural production technologies
Surveying, building 03 models of low-carbon agricultural production, making use of by-products in agriculture and waste in animal husbandry are submitting to the Central Project Management Board for consideration.

4. Component 4: Project Management
- Develop a detailed master plan for the Ben Tre project (2013-2018) and a detailed financial plan and budget for 2016 to be sent to the Central PMU for submission to the PPC and DARD for approval. Browse.
- Financial: Not disbursed due to new financial plan approval, only advance some regular operating expenses to serve the work.


- Implement the Provincial Project Management Plan of 2016, organize 15 training courses to ensure the environment in livestock production for households under the Low Carbon Agriculture Support Project; Consulting and guiding procedures for registration of construction of biogas works.
- Receiving registration, technical assistance for construction of about 350 small-scale biogas plants and organizing the acceptance of completed works to provide timely financial support to households; Disbursement for 500 small biogas plants.
- Coordinated with Ben Tre Broadcasting and Television Broadcasting to build 03 television reports and 04 broadcasts to disseminate the project; To print materials, roll sheets, leaflets for propaganda to households and for training courses on operation of biogas works and comprehensive management of animal wastes.
- Inspection of biogas plants has been carried out in 2015 as planned.
- Monitor the implementation of the model of low-carbon agricultural production of the Central to timely implemented in the province.
- Organize a training course for project technicians.
- Cooperate with Agricultural Extension Center to develop a plan to organize 04 training courses for extension workers and farmers using by-products.


1. Advantages
To receive constant attention from the Central Project Management Board, Department leaders; Officials, technicians, masonry team of the project actively promoted the experience in organization and implementation of the project in the past years.

2. Difficult
The issue of loan support for potential livestock households to build biogas plants, currently deployed by local banks is weak, which in part affects the construction of biogas plants; Not yet implemented medium and large scale biogas plants; Component 3 project models.

3. Recommendations
The Central Project Management Board supports and instructs the provincial PMU to build medium and large scale biogas plants and low carbon agricultural production models under Component 3.

The above are the results of the activities of the Provincial Project Management Unit in the first quarter and the plan for the implementation of the second quarter of 2016, to the Central Project Management Board and the Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to monitor, command.


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