Set up from the farm economy model

: Tuesday - 22/11/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1280
In the production transition area of ​​Trung Thanh Commune (Vu Ban District), among the integrated economic models brought high economic value, we were introduced to the farm of over 1.1 ha of Mr. Bui Duy Ngoc In the neighborhood.

Just led us to visit the farm, Ngoc just talked about the process of settling in his hometown with hard, hard day to day, rain and sunshine. In 2010, to implement the NTM construction program, Trung Thanh commune has focused on implementing land exchange plots to build specialized farming areas to increase income on each cultivated area. In three concentrated production areas, aquaculture is the area Ngoc has the most experience and experience. Realizing that this was an opportunity to escape from poverty, Ngoc discussed with his family the whole family farming land for the other households in the village to take part in the lowland fields and barrels. Having the area as dreamed, Ngoc excited, day and night thinking how to exploit well, make land profitability. After several nights of deliberation and discussion, his family decided to choose the integrated economic model to ensure initial success. To farm great risk should go more "leg" to "tree" compensate "child" or vice versa. Thought to do, he decided to rent the machine to crawl the entire embankment, shore and installation of sewers, drainage. The 3,900m2 wide hollowed-out area is transformed into a pond for traditional fish; The higher ground he plowed the spring rice crop and made a "playground" for the fish; The rest of the "he" to make land for crops; More than 300m2 to build pens and pig farms.

After a year of hard work, no sunshine, rain day, the whole land area is more than 1.1 hectares of high ridge has been successfully renovated can grow spring peas, summer soybean, winter corn; Lower areas can be cultured with rice and fish ponds such as: carp, sesame, sesame, drift. According to Ngoc, now with the support of the government, farmers like him will be unsuccessful without the cooperation of help from businesses and banks. He directly studied and contracted with Toan Xuan Co., Ltd (Y Yen) to support the supply of quality rice seeds, farming techniques, care of Bac Thom breed, quality assurance products. Purchasing companies provide processing for agents in cities. Producers do not have to buy or buy seeds, then "hold breath" quality of seed, re-harvest to worry about selling price ... There is a reasonable production plan, so the investment loans for production It's not difficult. In 2013, Loans for 150 million VND was invested by the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vo Ban. He built 12 pig housing lots, installed automatic water supply system, equipped with ventilation system and water pump. To build a biogas cellar to treat manure and waste water, to ensure that the environment in the breeding area is always clean and airy. Thanks to the focus on investment and scale, so each Ngoc litter usually raise 60-80 meat pigs. The source of animal feed is imported from reputable agents, determined not to use prohibited substances in breeding. According to Ngoc, breeding in general, raising pigs in particular is successful or not is the consciousness and practice of prevention of diseases for livestock herd. Therefore, in addition to ensuring good housekeeping, after each litter can not be re-attended, there must be time for the cage to disinfect, sterilize and most importantly vaccination room Disease for pigs in accordance with regulations. He always ensure vaccination against pigs as soon as pigs are 10-15 days old. Thanks to that, over the past years, Ngoc's breeding has always been smooth and free of disease. Each year the farm has brought Ngoc's family revenue of over 1 billion. Not only has the family economy gradually stabilized, accumulated, at the time of harvest, Ngoc's farm also created seasonal jobs for many local workers.

With determination, dynamic dare to think, dare to do, Ngoc rise to get rich on the land homeland and contribute to the local economy. Your farm model has been issued a certificate of eligibility. It is hoped that the farm will grow more sustainably and will have more new farms to do so efficiently, contributing to the building of a sustainable NTM heartland.

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