The construction of biogas plants in Hiep Hoa has developed strongly

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From the Low Carbon Agricultural Support Project (LCASP) implemented by Bac Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in recent years, people in Hiep Hoa district have learned about practical efficiency from biogas plant in livestock development. From here, the movement of building biogas gas is growing widely.

Determining livestock as the main source of income for the family, several years ago, many households in Doan Bai commune paid much attention to the construction of breeding facilities in the model of farms and farms. However, with over 200 large scale livestock households, meanwhile, the waste treatment system is not synchronized leading to environmental pollution.

Since 2014, when the LCASP project has been supported, many households in the commune have paid much attention to constructing biogas plants for waste treatment.

Typically, the family of Mr. Dang Xuan Bai in Phu Thuan village. It is known that in the past, on average, with pigs of 30 - 50 pigs / year, each time cleaning toilets, he and his wife have to do manually method takes time and effort. However, the amount of manure is quite large, so the area of ​​the family farm still smells of pollution. From the economic benefits that pigs bring, his family intends to increase their herds, build larger farms but worry about environmental pollution.

Consulted by an LCASP technician, his family decided to build a biogas reactor with a capacity of 30 cubic meters. "After completing this biogas digester system, my family will build new breeding facilities to develop livestock and use waste residue, Make fertilizer for plants ".

Not only in Doan Bai Commune, many livestock producers in the district have also actively built biogas plants, saving the cost of living and production.

Mr. Chu Van Hao (right), Dai Dong 1 village, Danh Thang commune (Hiep Hoa) and technical staff of the LCASP project inspect the biogas system of the family.

According to Pham Duy Trung, a technician from the LCASP project in Hiep Hoa district, in 2004, the provincial biogas development program was implemented in the district's key livestock communes. Therefore, many households have not bravely invested. By the end of 2014, the LCASP project in Bac Giang Province was implemented to all communes in the district, with each household raising VND3 million / tunnel for tunneling. On the other hand, many households (scale from 10 pigs or 3 buffaloes and cows and more) have been trained, heard directly about the efficiency of biogas gas as well as preferential policies. of project. Since then, livestock models using biogas reactors have been multiplied and created a strong "wave" in the district. Only in 2016, Hiep Hoa district built more than 450 biogas digesters under the LCASP project, mainly in the livestock communes as: Luong Phong, Doan Bai, Danh Thang, Thuong Thang and Hung Son, raising the total number of tunnels. Built from the project to 1,184 tunnels. Especially, due to the high demand, many households who are not supported by the project still invest tens of million VND for tunneling.

Mr. Dao Xuan Vinh, Director, Sub-Department of Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), Deputy Director of Management Board of Bac Giang LCASP: "Not only in Hiep Hoa but many In the process of implementing the project, through the propaganda and practical use of the system, there is a clear benefit for the households, The result is also because in Bac Giang province there are many teams of experienced tunnel builders, trained technically to ensure the confidence of the people in terms of efficiency. This is an important foundation for the transition from farm animal husbandry to sustainable farm animal husbandry. "

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