The Low Carbon Agriculture Support Project; Ensuring progress, efficiency

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The Central Project Management Unit (LCASP) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Project Management Unit (LCMB) recently worked with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development on the implementation of the LCASP in our province. . According to the Central Project Management Board of Binh Dinh province, Binh Dinh has successfully ensured the progress and objectives of the project. Project activities have helped people develop blankets

Practical effect

According to the Central Project Management Board under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in 2016, based on the project regulations and the guidelines of the PMU, 10 provinces participating in the project, including Binh Dinh, Assure the project objectives. In addition to promoting public awareness raising on livestock waste management and treatment, local LCASP Project Management Board has guided people to register and complete necessary procedures to receive support. Support for construction of biogas works. The good news is that the LCASP project has attracted the attention of people, so the deployment, implementation is quite convenient, effective results. Binh Dinh is one of the provinces highly appreciated by the Central LCASP Project Management Board for the results of project implementation.

According to the provincial LCASP Project Management Board, the LCASP project activities in the province have mainly focused on supporting the construction and installation of biogas works for households in need; Training on safe livestock waste management for local staff and farmers participating in the project. From 2014 to date, the project has assisted in the construction and installation of 5,917 small scale biogas works for the people, surpassing 2,317 projects compared to the central plan. Since the beginning of the year, the province has built 1,742 biogas works.

Mr. Huynh Ngoc Diep, Deputy Director of Provincial Project Management Board of LCASP, said: "In the process of implementing the project, the district technical staff regularly monitor and supervise the construction and installation of biogas works. Households who have been involved in the construction of biogas works have received support (3 million VND / small scale) from the project. The results of the actual inspection show that most of biogas works put into operation have brought about positive effects, contributing to reducing environmental pollution, helping people develop livestock in a safe and sustainable way " .

Speeding up the implementation of the project

At the meeting with the Central LCASP Project Management Unit and ADB Mission, LCAMP PPMU stated that the demand for construction of biogas works was very high, but the current level of support from the project was VND 3 million / Small scale works, VND 10 million / medium scale works and VND 20 million / large scale works) are still too low compared to the cost of construction of biogas works. Are the owners of large scale cattle ranchers. Interest rates of commercial banks participating in the project each other one and not in accordance with the provisions of the project on preferential interest rates for people, so the number of households to borrow money to invest in the construction of biogas works is not much.

"In order for the project to be implemented effectively and efficiently, it is necessary to add a small number of biogas works and consider raising the level of support for people. The Central Project Management Board (LCASP) will soon provide guidance on the implementation of pilot models and models for low carbon agriculture demonstration in the 2016 plan, while also adding a financial institution, the Social Policy Bank, To create favorable conditions for farmers to access and borrow capital at preferential interest rates for investment in the construction of biogas works, contributing to the settlement of animal waste and limiting environmental pollution in rural areas. "- Mr. Dao Van Hung - Deputy Director of DARD, cum Director of LCASP Provincial Project Management Board - proposed.

Mr. Nguyen The Hinh, Deputy Director of Agricultural Projects (MARD) cum Director of LCASP Central Project Management Board, said that over the past time, the project has supported the construction and installation of thousands of small scale biogas works. In fact, the implementation of LCASP project has helped the local waste management, development of livestock in the direction of safety and sustainability, contributing to reduce environmental pollution in rural areas. In addition, biogas plants provide clean energy, improve livelihoods and improve the quality of life of rural people, contributing to the effective implementation of the new rural development program. We will continue to work with the Provincial LCASP Project Management Unit to implement measures to promote the effectiveness of the activities, and to develop and implement the components of the project. Commenting on increasing the number of biogas works and increasing the level of local construction support, the Central Project Management Board (LCASP) will propose to MARD and ADB to consider and resolve.

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