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After nearly two years, the LCASP project has helped many localities in Tien Giang fulfill environmental criteria in new rural construction.

Environmentally friendly biogas works

Mr. Nguyen Van Can in Dang Nam hamlet, Dang Hung Phuoc commune, Cho Gao district said that the family raised 9 dairy cows, which are daily collected and dried for sale to the gardeners but still can not solve the pollution. By visiting the biogas-based animal husbandry model, at the end of 2014, the project supported VND 3 million, the family invested VND10 million to install a biogas reactor using composite. The works put into use immediately solved the problem of the environment, no longer have to worry about money to buy cooking fuel every day ...

Nguyen Van An, My An B Village, My Tinh Commune, Cho Gao District also installed the biogas project, sharing: "From the day the biogas plant was put into use, I blame the animal for causing stench.East of the 8 cattle drifted to the biogas tunnel stinks the stench.In addition, there is fuel for cooking and lighting when the power goes out. Biological use of the family has saved an average of 2.5 million dong a year for gas. It is more important to solve the environment without affecting the community. "

Ms. Nguyen Yen Linh, from Phu Khuong A hamlet, Phu Kiet commune, Cho Gao district, raised 6 cows, said: "The new biogas plant has been in operation for more than a month. Waste 17 million VND to build 16.6 m3 biogas plant is very ... worth the money. "

Mr. Huynh Thanh Nong, a technician from Tien Giang LCASP project, said that the benefits of livestock production without environmental pollution were recognized by the households who had registered to participate in the project and invested counterpart funds for construction. Biogas works. Since April 2014, the project has supported the construction of 1,018 / 2,900 works. The "primer" source of the project has quickly helped the local fulfillment of environmental criteria. With the above progress, in late 2016 Tien Giang will complete the plan ahead of schedule (2018).

Thanh Phong - Nguyen Duy

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